• Yes just read the Koran and you will see.

    Anyone who has fully read the Koran will realize that it supports and encourages disgusting violations of women's rights, gay rights and human rights in general. This may sound offensive but what is written in the Koran is far more offensive. People often give free passes to the bad things that religions do in order to appear like they are tolerant people.

  • Islam does not violate human rights

    Since the followers of the religion of Islam gain personal fulfillment out of following said religion, then we must concur that they do not violate their human rights. In fact, if it brings enlightenment to those individuals, then the religion has affected them in a positive manner, so nothing bad can be said.

  • It does for LGBT

    In lslam there are LGBT fear,the person who believes in islam know that being Homosexual is not allowed,that means that if someone loves a person of the same sex they can not be together,and that is right causes love is love and islam is ruining that for others,not letting them be together

  • Islam does not know of equalities

    Islam does not have the right equalities many have fought for over the years, women are merely second class citizens who 'have the choice to cover their hair' but face shunning from family or even death to save family image if certain choices are not correct, they shall not be entitled to the rights of their male counter parts but activists seem not to bring this to light as this religion is strictly followed and women know there place, this religion openly punishes homosexuality where it is illegal in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Somalia and the punishment can be death, girls are to be taught up until a point and then to keep them narrow minded and naive taught from then in religious studies of a glorious religion which is still a barbaric unethical way of life and in no way peaceful as it is so called.

  • Yes they need a reform

    Woooa! They do not know what freedom is. Christianity used to be that way until the new values ​​from the Enlightenment and secularism, they found that many of these teachings in the bible were immoral and incompatible with humanism. Uh.. They need a guy like John Locke in the middle east.

  • Just like any other religion.

    The definition of human rights is a belief in itself. If you believe that it is your right to live in a world without sin, then you also believe that it is your right to eliminate sin around you, even if that means violating the human rights of the sinner. In short, it all depends upon the comparison between your religion and the religion of the Islamist you know. Every religion contains extreme radicals. Every war is fought for reasons of money, but the governments tell their people to murder for religious reasons. The Islam religion is currently blunt about the association between killing and good, but no religion is exempt. Consider the Christian Crusades.

  • No It Does Not Violate Human Rights.

    What are "human rights"? Firstly you have to properly define this. Lets speak under the assumption that God exists, and Muhammad was His messenger.

    Do you have the right to insult God and His messenger, or any of the other prophets? No.

    Do you have the right to fornicate? No.

    Do you have the right to commit adultery? No.

    Do you have the right to steal? No.

    Do you have the right to innovate the religion of God and His messenger? No.

    But you most certainly do have the freedom to practice your religion.

    What about the apostates? They are killed or expelled. So what? Remember the presupposition we're under? No, you do not have the right to leave the true religion of God and remain in Muslim land. Your very existence is a statement of insult.

    Everything about Islaam, guaranteed, is a misrepresentation or a misinterpretation. And you have to leave behind your politically correct idea of human rights before judging.

  • Islam does not viloate human rights.

    I am not fully aware of the religious activities of the Islamic religion but no person belief, including the people that consider themselves to be Atheist, can be a violation of human rights considering that it is our right to have freedom of religion. I individuals find themselves indulged in a specific belief that should not have a negative impact on their image.

  • No

    Wow. This is a loaded question. Not being Muslim, I am not aware of specific teachings in the Koran that violate human rights. The problem comes from the fact that many have differing interpretations of what the Koran teaches. Some Muslims want to make converts at the end of a gun barrel while others seem to be very tolerant of all religions.

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