Does the Republican party have the best solution to the current economic crisis in the United States?

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  • There are certain points I agree with but not all are true.

    We need to find better ways to fix everything like minimum wage if they raise it up prices are going to go up people are going to be more mad then the people who have works there tails off for countless of years are not going to get paid more. There are things we can do better to make our economy better we just have to sole our problems better and not make them worse.

  • Republicans are far more skilled with the Economy.

    Not so much for the enviroment. Whoever thinks the Democrats are better at handing this situation is STUPID.Democrats support spending money and welfare and aid and spend money like crazy ignoring the high debt. They are also far more well experienced in dealing with these issues and support government spending cuts. READ YOUR INFORMATION Democrats personally I am Independent but when it comes to the economy Republicans obviously have the answer

  • Red State-Blue State Divide

    The United States is a "laboratory of democracy" with 50 different experiments being conducted simultaneously. Many Southern states including economic powerhouse, Texas, were long stymied by their faithful and strong "blue" policies aligned with the Democratic model. Only in the past few decades have these same states turned "red", ushering in a new era of breakneck growth. This makes sense given the age-old Republican archetype: the self-made man who pulls himself up by his own bootstraps. Charles C. Fremont, the first Republican presidential candidate(1856) was a frontiersman known as the "pathfinder" because he found a route to California. He also established the short-lived Bear Flag Republic. Think of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, two self-made men. In short, Republicans espouse a hard work ethos and a "common-sense" approach to economics; a message painfully absent from the rhetoric of "progressives". Republican ideas may not be perfect, nor should we expect anyone's ideas to be, but they are more sensible than most other proposals.

  • They do, trust me.

    The GOP easily has better solutions. I'm not saying they are perfect but they will do a better job than the Democrats'. Increasing costs for companies will just make more and more people get laid off. Obamacare is going to cripple our economy if it is put into action. The repeal of it has even become bipartisan.


  • Kind Of sort of

    Libertarian-esque republicans are the only politicians that have a clue. Empirically the Free market has worked, and central planning has led to one thing waste. Maybe if those on the left could pick up and read some Hayek and Friedman we wouldnt have issues. The only economic theory that works is the Austrian school.

  • Business Man

    Romney has a proven track record of restoring failing industries. Whether it was the Olympics or the state of Massachusetts he has got things done. We gave Obama 4 years and all we have seen was some redistributing of the wealth. Grow it, don't don't divide it. It common math addition is better then division.

  • No, more tax increases have to come along with cuts.

    There are so many ways to began working on the crisis. Building roads and bridges should involve things like toll roads, increased gas taxes, etc. If politicians started sweeping corners for little things they would surprisingly find bigger things also. The efforts of congress have been so bad that there should be some kind of a re-call election to remove them from office. Getting a start on Social Security and Medicare is not a problem.

  • Sneaks and Cheaters

    Republicans are never above taking taxpayer money and funding their own projects. Whether it involve war on foreign soil or the workings of the everyday lives in America, the Republicans want to follow their own plans. With all their talk about fiscal responsibility, reining in the debt and putting a stop to back-room dealings, they sure have no idea what they're saying. They've become the greatest political hypocrisy in a generation for America. The Republican Party of Lincoln freed slaves, today they would probably buy more. Wake up America.

  • Poor job growth in the Bush years

    Republicans just want to provide tax breaks to the super wealthy. The argument that tax breaks creates jobs has never been true and yet that is the republican argument. It is a falsehood and no one believes it. They need to stop this and start looking out for the rest of the country.

  • History proves Republican policies fail.

    Look at history. Job growth and economic growth have always been greater during Democratic Administrations. Since WWII, job growth has been 98 percent greater during Democratic Administrations; job growth has been nearly four times greater during Democratic Administrations; and the greatest increase in job growth was during a Democratic Administration.

  • What about the 8 years prior to Obama?

    The Republican party had 8 years to fix this country's economic crisis and what did they do? They crippled this country. So what's changed? What has this Republican congress done to help things get better these last four years? Stop looking at the individuals and look at the parties and Congress. Presidents are figureheads, Congress runs the show. It's time to clean up Congress.

  • Not

    "the best" solution. It's certainly a much better solution than the bungler Obama puts forward, which is unlikely to meet with any success, but the Republican party has crippling issues economically that will doubtlessly lead to it not having the best solution. A better solution. Heck, maybe even a good solution. But not the best.

  • Making the rich richer does not fix the problems.

    Allowing the wealthy to skim more cream off the top, profiting from the hard work of those who toil beneath them, will not fix any economic crisis. Furthermore, the Republican party likes to make it harder for kids to go to school because this perpetuates the socioeconomic stratification that they like so much - and an uneducated nation can never be as productive as an educated one.

    Posted by: FR
  • No

    Anyone who lives in the US (legal or non legal) should pay 5% of their yearly salary for taxes without any deductions. Veterans that have served in war, should not have to pay any taxes( after all they gave their life for our freedom). I think this would help and be fair to everone.
    People 65 and older should pay 1% of their yearly pay

  • No, the GOP does not have the best economic solution, because they do not have one.

    The GOP does not have a plan to end the current economic crisis in the United States. They are trying to play it up as much as they can, so they can retake the White House. I do agree with their assertions that wealth redistribution is wrong, and that the middle and lower classes should not be allowed to use the government to savage the wealthy of their money. But, at the same time, I do not see the GOP doing anything to help the lower and middle classes make money via jobs, or save their foreclosed homes.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • At this point, neither party can solve the current economic crisis in the U.S.

    No, Republicans do not have the answer. And, on that note, I am not sure Democrats do either. We are so in over our heads, here in the U.S., that I don't know what is needed to start digging us out. We've been on the wrong path for a long time, well before the current administration, and we need to rethink our values and the value of basic human life and needs, before we move on. The party tug-of-war games have got to stop, so average working Americans can stop worrying about their future and the future of their children.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47

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