Does the Republican party need to embrace the growing Hispanic population?

  • The Republican party needs to embrace the growing Hispanic population.

    The face of America is changing. In order for the GOP to be a viable political party in America, they must embrace that change. The Republicans have to realize that this change will continue. It is not just because of a growing Hispanic/Latino population. All demographic groups are changing; attitudes are changing as well. The days of Republicans being able to "have their cake and eat it too" are gone forever. The racist and ultra conservative elements of the Republican party need to recognize this and plan now for the future if the GOP is to survive.

  • Definitely

    If the Republican party wants to continue to have a shot in the various elections and remain a staple of the United States' electoral process, they need to embrace the Hispanic population. Ignoring such a large and significant part of the country's population is little less than political suicide. It would be a bad move to not embrace the community.

  • Absolutely

    If the Republic Party hopes to ever win a presidential election ever again, they better embrace the growing Hispanic population. In the 2012 election, Obama garnered over 70 percent of the vote. This is a massive margin, and it directly contributed to his victory. For the Republicans to ignore the Hispanic population would be a huge mistake.

  • The Republicans Can't

    The GOP has some very old-fashioned and very racist elements to it. They are only pretty Evangelical and not that fond of Catholics. Embracing the growing Hispanic population would mean abandoning some of their core principles, and I'm not sure the Republicans are ready to do that. They will probably just fade out into obscurity.

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