Does the Republican Party still represent Conservative principles?

Asked by: John_Ostroff
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  • The Republicans have lost their way.

    The Republican party no longer represents Conservatives because, I fear, they have turned toward neo-conservatism, favoring more globalization of America and cooperation with the Democratic party on liberal issues as an alternative to retaining it's core principles. Apart from a few publicized opposition arguments over contrite social matters, they largely vote similarly to Democrats when most convenient. With the recent election of Paul Ryan as replacement to John Boehner and the favoritism of Rubio and Bush as "realistic candidate" Party Figureheads, the Republican Establishment is anything but conservative.

    I believe that the Republican Party no longer represents its voters, just as the Democratic Party has taken to using social issues as it's means of gaining attentions, the Republicans now have a selling point as nothing more than "Not Democrats" and I can see they have no intention of changing that.

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