Does the resignation of Pope Benedict validate how widespread the Catholic church child sex abuse cover up is?

  • The problem of pedophile priests prompted the Pope to vacate the Vatican

    It is no coincidence that former member of the Hitler Youth and apologist for pedophile homosexual priests: Pope Benedict XVI; stepped down as leader of the Catholic Church amid a storm of controversy relating to the sexual misconduct of his clergy.

    Of course, the Pope couldn't come out and blatantly admit he was hounded out of office by his failure to adequately address the institutionalized pedophilia in the Catholic Church, instead he blamed his advancing years, but this is nonsense: every pope for the last six hundred years has grown old and died in office.

  • Aiding in the avoidance of detection of pedophiles from law enforcement is the problem.

    What validates the claim of widespread cover up is the facts that they have being aiding in the avoidance of detection of pedophiles from law enforcement.

    Whether one man resigns, even the pope is irrelevant in that regard.

    Now let me type more words to make it fifty, there we go.

  • No, the resignation does not shed any new light on abuse scandals.

    While I am skeptical on all of the details surrounding the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, I do not believe that it "validates" any status on the Church's issues with the protection of children. The child abuse scandals have sadly existed in the Church for decades and most everyone knows how widespread the issue is. The Church has taken efforts to minimize the risk of any potential scandals in recent years and as a Catholic, I trust that Benedict's resignation has little to do with how widespread the issue has become.

  • The Question Sounds Like A Conspiracy Thoery

    I take Benedict at his word about the aging process. The slow decline of John Paul II was probably in his mind as Benedict started to see his own health falter. That said, this answer does not diminish the importance of getting to the bottom of the cover up is. That should be a top priority of the next pope.

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smokinwyld says2013-03-07T16:21:52.780
They helped people get away with the sexual abuse by denying it happened and making it impossible for law enforcement to catch or stop a predator who is using the "calling" of the Church to abuse it's members. The question of how widespread sexual abuse was has no bearing on his resignation, it has been a major scandal for decades and most people know how serious and widespread the abuse became, a lot of that has to do with predators using the Church to get away with hurting people because they know the Church would protect them. The Church needs to resolve the cover up, but not as a way to stop scandal as a way to protect their members from predators pretending to speak for God unlike legitimate priests. If any of this had any bearing on why he resigned he would never have made it to the papacy.