• i support their choice

    every nation has the right to chose their leader so the people USA have done what their constitution ask them to do,so i stand with their decision for their president that the price of democracy that their fore farther forget for many year ago just for them to have the right to vote.

  • Most nations would have given him pittances for voters.

    I kept on telling myself that my thoughts on American's was unfair- there's no way they're as bad as I think they are.

    I ignored their statistically high levels of belief in creationism (which my Religious Education teacher denounced as fake. Yeah, not popular outside of the US.).

    I ignored their Islamophobia, and figured it must just be that we don't see the normal, decent American's.

    I ignored their incredibly conservative political system.

    But it seems people were right about America all along.

    And in terms of agreeing with their choice-





    Look at other countries- these are not exceptions, just some specific examples.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    It's a first either way: America's first female president, or America's first reality star president. And just think, America could have had Sanders - America's first presidential-quality president. It's rich writing an article about how scary Trump is, and not mentioning that Hillary is a neocon to rival any Republican.

  • The rest of the world does not agree with the choice the U.S. made in president.

    While there are many countries that may be happy to see Trump become president, such as the Philippines or Russia, I would not say that overall the world agrees with the choice the United States made for a president. And keep in mind that there are plenty of countries simply trying to survive and do not actually care what our choice was.

  • Most of the world is horrified

    Much of the world is horrified that the people of the United States have chosen Donald Trump to be our next president. Sure, there are some countries and certain leaders that think it's a great thing, but most people are looking at us in amazement, and some even flat out laughing at us for our choice.

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