Does the right to drive take away freedoms from women?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • It does in a way

    When women are allowed to drive families will start to demand that they learn to drive, get driver's licenses, and drive to go and get things when otherwise they would've been driven around and would've been able to just stay home instead of being sent out to the grocery store.

    This is not an argument that women in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else shouldn't have the right to drive, this just points out that freedom is multifaceted and a gain in freedom in one area usually means a loss in another.

  • That makes absolutely no sense.

    How exactly does it work that the right to drive takes freedoms away from women? I do not understand that. I actually think it's a restriction of their freedoms if they are restricted from driving, and I also imagine it's a real nuisance for anyone they're married to. I would not like the idea of being married and having to take time off work to go get my kids from school or spend money calling a taxi all the time because my wife would be unable to drive. It would be a huge headache.

  • It's not fair

    I disagree with this. Women and men shall have freedom to drive. Why do you treat them like this? Women need freedom. This isn't fair to take away their freedom. What if a person drives faster than a speed limit? Who wants freedom? Please do not take away their freedom, do anything for them

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xatoo says2013-10-31T19:31:08.377
What an absolutely rediculous question. How on earth can allowing women a right previously denied them, take away from their freedoms? Before you didn't have the freedom to drive. Now you have the freedom to drive. You would seriously, I mean seriously, now, argue against a step in the directional of equality for women world wide.... Because you're worried about being nagged to pick of the groceries.