• Out of wedlock births increase the acceptance of immorality in society.

    The rise in the number of out-of-wedlock births definitely show a decrease in religious values. This is because people are disregarding marriage and also bringing new life into the world without considering holiness. These births are causing our country to become more immoral, and for that immorality to become more acceptable in the main stream.

  • There's no commitment.

    Yes, the rise in the number of out-of-wedlock births show a decrease in religious values, because people are not interesting in living like a Christian family. Women now just kick men out of the home because they know the man will just be a child support check. Men know they don't have to take responsibility.

  • I wanted to say yes, but no made more sense because im arguing against others who said yes

    Here goes, yes, it does show that religiois values are being ignored, but thats a good thing, religion isnt a natural part of life, churches dont grow and animals dont follow religions, why should we downgrade ourselves to do so? A loss of religious values isnt a hit to morality, its about having a morality that isnt generated by fear of a deity, people should be responsible for their morality without being scared into by silly little stories like the bible

  • It shows the destruction of the social values caused by the ever expanding Great Society nanny state policies

    LBJ's Great Society programs have expanded to ridiculous levels - track the expansion of welfare and so-called "entitlements" with out of wedlock births, single parent families, crime, etc. and it's a pretty clear correlation - never ending multi-generational welfare and other hand outs have done exactly what many warned, it's destroyed the values, ethics, and social fabric of a large portion of society

  • Religious Values Do Not Reflect Modern Realities

    The increase in out-of-wedlock births reflects a change in the modern family, as opposed to a decrease in religious values. People are delaying marriage, which among other things, will leave people more likely to have children while living together, but still unmarried. Additionally, the persistent increase in divorce rates makes out-of-wedlock children less taboo, as it is less expected for any given marriage to last anyway.

  • Yes, increased out-of-wedlock births are proof of decreased religious values.

    I think that the fact that there seems to be more out-of-wedlock births is proof that there seems to be less of an emphasis in the United States in regards to religious values. I think more and more people seem to think that there isn't anything wrong with having kides before getting married.

  • Rise of other values

    It shows the rise of other values. Lack of religion is not leading to X or to Y, but an increased sense of rationalism and liberalism in the world are leading to both an increased rate of pregnancy due to acceptance of sex and, also a decrease in relious thought.

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