• Yes, I think the SAT college exam should be changed.

    I think the SAT college exam should be constantly tweaked to keep up with the changing educational trends in society, I think there should be a section that utilizes computer technology on it since that has become such an important tool in our society today, so I do believe that the SAT could use some major revisions.

  • Change with the needs

    The SAT college entrance exam has been a consistent standard that is not taught very well in high schools and requires things that some schools, particularly those of a lower income grade, do not teach. The SATs need to be more all inclusive so as not to discriminate against those without certain opportunities.

  • Standardized tests benefit the wealthy

    The point of a standardized test is to have a uniform method of measuring applicants. The problem, however, is that these applicants are not given equal preparation. A rich student will likely have access to SAT prep courses that not only teach the material, but teach how to take a standardized test - the student may even have a private tutor that can spot weaknesses and coach them around it. A middle class, or especially a poor student, is unlikely to have access to these resources even if they were provided for free because of disparate reasons realting to socioeconomic conditions (e.g. a poor student needs to get to their after-school job and thus cannot attend the free SAT prep course his/her high school offers).

  • No, the SAT college entrance exam doesn't need to be changed.

    I do not believe the current SAT college entrance exam needs to be changed in any way. I think that the way it is now is just fine. I do not see any logical reason why it should be changed. I haven't hear do a good argument either. I think that it is more than fair.

  • No, the SAT college entrance exam does not need to be changed.

    The SAT examination, as it currently is prepared and utilized, provides an accurate marker of a student's abilities. The SAT examination has a historical track record for providing consistent data pertaining to a particular students aptitudes in the various academic areas which are tested through the examination, data which institutions of higher education find competent and accurate.

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