Does the school system currently possess enough alternative methods to deal with widespread academic cheating?

  • Yes schools are properly combatted to handle cheating

    There was a time when the punishment for cheating was a failing grade and perhaps a detention after school. However, with the rise of plagiarism and cheating, schools and universities have implemented stuff policies and consequences. There is only so much schools can punish for academic cheating until it becomes a matter that parents or the legal system becomes involved.

  • Yes, I think school systems possess enough methods to deal with widespread cheating.

    I think overall school districts continuously adapt to the different ways that academic cheating occurs, I think much effort and thought goes into the different methods they use to determine how cheating occurs and exactly to prevent it from happening again as well as what punishments are dealt to those found cheating.

  • Think about it

    Has it ever occurred to people that schools are more focus on grades than actual education.If students worry more about making the grade than actually learning the subject, maybe it is just the school system itself with a massive problem.Just food for thought consider this. And to address the question, students will always find a way to cheat

  • Actually getting worse

    Cheating is something that is going to happen at all levels of academia because it is human nature to find the easy way out. However, because a lot of things are done online, it is actually easier to cheat now than ever before. It is hard now to access knowledge legitimately.

  • It is the same method.

    No, the school system does not currently possess enough alternative methods to deal with widespread academic cheating, because cases are still handled on a case by case basis. This can lead to extremely unfair application of the law, because a person whose parents are very powerful might not be punished as much as someone else.

  • People Will Find A Way To Cheat

    If students want to cheat, they will find a way to cheat no matter what safeguards are in place. School systems can try to have alternative methods to deal with academic dishonesty, but there is little anyone can do short of taking away cell phones and having essay tests to make cheating harder.

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