• Yes, it does.

    The second amendment protects the militia movement more than it does the individual right to bear arms. In fact, the second amendment was written for militia movements and their right to bear arms in order to protect from foreign and domestic threats. This isn't a flawless law of course, but that is what it is.

  • Yes, the militia is protected by the Second Amendment.

    The Second Amendment protects the militia movement, as they are in no way breaking any law. If a government decides to be unfair to the people, the people need to have a way to protect themselves. In recent times, the Ukrainian militia has revolved against it's own government, and the government started shooting citizens down. It is a necessary amendment as we must be able to protect oursevles when our protectors are shooting at us.

  • Yes,the second amendment does protect the militia movement.

    Yes,the second amendment does protect the militia movement.The second amendment provides a protection for the formation of militias.As long as they are operating within the parameters of state and local laws there is really no reason at all that groups can not form militias and operate as they see fit.

  • It seems pretty explicit

    The Second Amendment's explicit mentionings of militias and guns seem to indicate that the militia movement should be protected, provided that they are not breaking any other laws along the way. These law violations would not be enough to prevent the movement as a whole, and would usually apply to only those individual law breakers.

  • Constitution already accepts the need of a militia. The 2nd amendment only acknowledges said need but is not about the militia.

    The militia is already assumed in the body of the constitution section 1 clause 16 and several others. In so including the acknowledgement we must understand their framers own concept of militia which was seen more as an inherent right in historical England, Which for centuries had expected citizens to be equipped and ready to come to the crowns defense.
    This was opposed to the more autocratic continental European concepts that sought to hold absolute power over the citizens and deny the concept of a citizen soldier.
    The 2nd amendment acknowledges the inherent nature of the militia, But is not about the militia.
    The militia is a supportive clause to the declaratory statement that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Note that the declaratory clause exists with our without the supportive clause but the supportive clause has no meaning without the declaration of the right to keep and bear arms.
    The existence of and right to militia is already protected without the 2nd amendment, Thus the only protection provided to the concept of a militia is that the 2nd amendment further acknowledges the necessity of its existence.

  • It protects individuals, not movements.

    The Second Amendment doesn't protect any movement. It protects individuals by enabling them the right to bear arms. These militias are a joke, anyway. Just a bunch of paranoid old white men running around the wilderness with their guns. If the United States ever saw them as even a remote threat, those fools wouldn't last a hot minute in conventional warfare against our military.

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