Does the Second Second Ammendment guarentee unrestricted gun ownership?

Asked by: SChapel
  • More unrestricted guns, more violence

    It does provide unrestricted use due to the fact of the lack of a serious screening process to sell hand guns. If guns continue to be sold without a proper background check, then more gun related tragedies will be witnessed by the American people. The 2nd amendment must not be removed, but laws the regulate it should be put in place.

  • Shall not be infringed!

    When our forefathers wrote the bill of rights, they didn't write it for hunting and recreational use. They believed in the real possibility of tyranny. Restrictions placed on the gun I'm allowed to use to defend myself and family are a violation of our rights. People are ok giving up right they feel don't apply to them, but when will it stop? When will the weak and pathetic people of America stand up and take this country back!? When will you stand for the very thing America was built on!?

  • Shall not be infrenged...

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
    It seems very clear that the second amendment guarantees unrestricted gun ownership. According to US v. Emmerson, "the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to privately keep and bear their own firearms that are suitable as individual, personal weapons and are not of the general kind or type excluded by Miller, regardless of whether the particular individual is then actually a member of a militia."
    Now, who is the malitia? WE THE PEOPLE are the malitia!

  • No it doesn't

    It does not guarantee unrestricted gun ownership because we are not in a place in society where every person needs to be armed to protect their property. There are laws in place to protect people along with having people who are paid to protect and enforce the laws that are on the books.

  • Restrictions are needed on Second Amendment Rights

    Gun rights do need to have some regulations. There are many appropriate regulations already in place that prove this point. For example, there is a regulation that requires you to keep a plug in your shotgun while hunting waterfowl. No one needs to have guns that can spray a barrage of bullets. Even though it is a small caliber, many bullets of that caliber can still kill. Weapons that have high rates of fire should be regulated.

  • My rights end where another individual's rights begin

    Inalienable right of human survival in a civilized society.In order for human survival in a group it is necessary for each individual to surrender a minimum or unrestricted right for the survival of the common good of all the other individual's in the group. No single member of the group can have all right unlimited or the group would not survive.

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