Does the Size of a Class Matter Towards Student Achievement?

  • Why else do they have private classrooms?

    Students are very important to their parents. My daughter is in a large class and is always getting stuck at the back of the classroom due to bullies. A smaller class means your students can have more friends, thus relieving the fear of bullies. My son has a smaller class. He hardly studies and has wonderful grades. He says he is happy with everyone. A smaller class gets along better together, making a great class.

  • I believe the size of a classroom and be dentrimental to student achievement.

    I believe the larger a classroom is the harder it will be for a student to learn. The more students in the class will mean less time for the student to have to one and one time with teacher to ask any pertinent and engaging questions. The time that would normally be used for asking in depth questions will be spent on lecturing the entire class body instead of helping the smaller groups of students who need help.

  • A better understanding

    Students can be influenced. Without the watchful eyes of the teachers, do you think they will pay attention? Personally, I do not think so. Take for example a student who sits at the very back of a large classroom due to many students, do you think he/she will pay attention?

  • Size of class doesnt matter.

    When a student is a good student and has demonstrated good achievement levels, the size of a class should not matter. It is irrelevant in determining the amount of achievement done and the students successes should not be minimized or looked over because of it. The student is a good student no matter what.

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