• It Sure does.

    People often say all the emotions come from the brain. I think that the brain is how we SHOW emotions. The brain isn't the source of emotions it's just the line that relays them. I have also heard the argument that brain damage diseases destroy your emotions and personality. It doesn't. If a radio host is telling a story and the radio is broken and the story comes through garbled does that make him crazy? No.

    I had a grandfather with alzheimer's . He had trouble showing emotions and personality. That didn't mean he didn't have them. I could tell from sitting next to him that he was still in there.

  • Something has to "run" our bodies.

    When we die, no doctor or invention can resurrect us. If life was nothing but a series of biological processes, we would be able to make the body resume them, but we can not. Something needed for life is gone and no mortal man can return or replace it. I believe that missing thing is the soul.

  • Yes, the Soul exists

    You won't see a physical object or person as proof that the soul exists, because the soul is incorporeal, and has no physical properties that can be seen, measured, weighed or counted. But like a scientific theory that can be proven by a scientific experiment, the spiritual principle that the soul exists can be proven by a spiritual experiment.

    The spiritual experiment has nothing to do with religion and religious strictures. It simply calls upon you to "treat others as you would want to be treated". This creates the conditions that activates your soul to connect with God to turn on the flow of divine wisdom and power into your mind and body. All this would happen in spirit, so you won't be conscious of it.

    But you would become aware of positive changes in your life, as proof that your soul exists, as long as you continue to "treat others as you would want to be treated". Those demanding physical proof of the soul would find it through personal experience, simply by putting the above spiritual experiment to the test.

  • Yes, it is the only conclusion one can come to through logic.

    To examine this subject without formal religion behind you, one must think logically: first, lets think about life. We know that we're alive. We know that inanimate objects are not. But why? What is this difference? One might argue it is something's desire for nutrients for energy to function, but by that logic something like Google could be considered alive based on a desire for websites to display. One might say that it's consciousness, but the more one thinks about this the harder it is to define-- a very good artificial intelligence program will learn and evolve, and could be programmed to emulate human emotions at the right time. Something could be programmed to look at itself in some form of robotic consciousness and then emulate happiness based on a variety of factors, but we know it wouldn't actually be feeling happiness-- but what's the difference? If we're all just calculative brains with limbs and organs attached to us, this would be the exact same thing-- but it's not. We know that, and the only logical reason behind this is that we're not just computers, we have something else in us which makes us alive, and this thing is the soul.

  • Yes the soul exists

    The soul is the one eternal part of us, it never dies, only our bodies do as the vessels for it. The soul lives on forever. It's like a car, one day it will die, but it doesn't mean the spirit of the car died with it, it just goes somewhere else. It's the same thing for us, our bodies may die, but our souls do not, they just go elsewhere to inhabit another body, another life form.

    So yes I do think the soul exists, it is the one constant about life within the universe.

  • How It Should Be Thought Of

    The soul should be thought of as more of a concept about a person, rather than a tangible item. To use an analogy, can it be said that a person has a belief? Although you can not see or touch or package a belief to deliver, no one would argue against that. A soul is a concept to capture the essence and character of a particular person and defines that person uniquely. Souls definitely exist.

  • Yes

    My understanding of the soul is that it is our mind, will and emotions. But what about our spirits? That’s something entirely different because man has a human soul (mind, will and emotions), a supernatural spirit that lives on forever, and a flesh and blood body that rots upon death. Both the soul (mind, will and emotions) and the spirit of a man lives on after death. On numerous occasions I have been aware of my spirit man---it is an amazing supernatural experience. That’s all the proof I need.that it exists

  • Souls exist

    I feel that souls definitely exist. I am a very spiritual person and was raised a Baptist. I think it would be impossible to be a Christian and not believe that souls exist. I firmly believe when you pass, you have a soul that will live on. I often feel the presence of loved ones who have passed and I feel as though it is their soul that I am feeling.

  • Near Death Experiment

    Do you consider yourself identical to your body? Or do you consider yourself as one who has a body? When asked to give an account of ourselves, most of us assume we are the center of consciousness (an I, self, or soul) that has a body. This is true of everyone, regardless of his or her worldview.

  • The Tri part tite man

    Man (and woman) has a Body, a Soul, and A Spirit. The body, or the flesh, is weak, and sometimes sins, and can be impatient. The soul is who one is created to be, like a musician, or a carpenter, or what you are good at and enjoy. The Spirit overcomes the Body (the flesh) to do great things.

  • Prove it!

    What can be asserted without proof can be disproved without proof. Every scientific attempt to prove its existence has lead to nothing. Jung, Sheldrake, Freud, no one has been able to bring a single valid proof of its existence. People are so afraid to die that they try to comfort themselves with BS like soul, heaven and eternal life. What happens to your soul when you experience an alcohol blackout? What happens to the soul of someone who suffer permanent amnesia? It's all in your brain, guys. It's called consciousness!

    But you're right, soul and spirit belong to the supernatural category, like zombies, werewolves, ghosts and all.

  • No never

    A soul is no identified part of the human anatomy. Doctors never prescribe medicine that target's a person soul. This is because a soul does not exist. A person is who they are determined by the features of their brain, and nothing else. Your soul does not leave your body when you die. Your brain just rots, and so does your body, meaning that's all that happens to you after death.

  • Only in the imagination

    How could a soul remember who we are, navigate its way to heaven or hell and then recreate us so we can have bliss or be tortured? What would guide and power such an object on its journey? At what point in our evolution did the soul appear? Does the soul remember us when we are young and beautiful or when we are old and feeble? How could a soul select our information, store our information and then recreate us?

    After thousands of years, we still can't answers these questions because the soul is merely a creation of the mind that allows religions to exist and provides us comfort when facing death.

  • What even is it?

    Is it your personality? No, that can be altered by damaging or changing the brain. Is it your... Free will? No, as far as science is concerned, free will is an illusion and does not actually even exist. Is it your "essence"? Not really even sure what that means in this context. If a soul exists, I don't really know what purpose it serves; we work perfectly fine as human beings without it. And I would call an invisible, immaterial thing with no purpose... Nonexistent.

  • How could it?

    If some form of ethereal thing controlled the brain, it would need to be able to in some way interact with the neurons we can prove exist.
    How could it do this if it cannot even touch it?
    So, hypothetically, even if the "soul" was real, it wouldn't mean anything at all; as it wouldn't even affect us.

  • You can't say that souls exist without the evidence.

    There isn't enough solid evidence to support the existence of the soul, the brain is responsible for all human emotions and personality (or chemicals in the brain anyway) and if you remove one of these chemicals for example dopamine, happy moods are impossible to reach.

    If you remove a part of the brain, like in a lobotomy surgery the brain is incapable of showing certain emotions, or even being able to speak at all. Also consider if you were to take a copy of a person memories and personality and put them into the brain of another person who has had their mind wiped, do they both share the same soul? Or does the soul of the mind wiped person stay where it is just with its memories lost? Or has a new soul been created identical to the copied person's soul?

    With a mixture of biology, chemistry and molecular physics we are almost at the point of being able to create life, there are a few grey areas in the research but none of them appear to require a soul to create life, if we do manage to create a living organism it will most likely be a single celled organism like bacteria so do all living things have souls if we require a soul to be alive? Even single celled organisms?

  • Souls are more magical thinking

    If people were actually souls driving around in vehicles made out of meat then our minds would transcend our bodies. Meaning that suffering brain damage or having a chemical imbalance could not greatly change our personality. Instead we find the the function of our mind is determined entirely by brain health and chemical equilibrium.

  • Yes It Does

    The soul does exist as that is us and makes us who we are just because it is not proven that it is true does not mean it isn't.There is always a 50 percent chance that there.And you will never know until you die.This is why I say it is true

  • Not based on scripture

    I am a believer in Christ, and I do not believe in immortal soul. Observable science aside, taking the biblical approach, the immortal soul is found no where in the Bible. The soul, by biblical definition, is the ENTIRE person. From genesis, "he formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul". Original Hebrew says "living being", because they understood that the principal of life is breathing. When the breath is gone it returns to the omnipresent God who gave it and the body returns to dust. The soul existing as a separate conscious entity with a destination after death is found nowhere in scripture. It comes from the first lie ever told to the human race by the devil when he told Eve "ye shall not surely die". Check out myth-one.Com for an elaborate book explaining the myth. Is a bit long, but I've read it several times. Changed my entire view on life. I used to believe in the commonly held beliefs of evangelical Christianity regarding the soul, but no more now.

  • There is no evidence found anywhere, ever, that provides evidence of anything metaphysical interacting with our biological bodies.

    Despite being one of the longest held beliefs in human culture, the soul is a concept that has been shown to be false. Through neuroscience, psychology, and anatomy we have a rudimentary understanding of the human brain and psyche. No where in any legitimate study has some sort of driving source separate from our own chemicals has been shown to influence our understandings or behaviors. Where does the souls fit in our body? What does it affect? How would it do so? These are basic questions that have no answers from theologians, as it is generally assumed most people just accept the idea of a soul. This is because the ideas pervasiveness has been around so long few people contest it.

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