• Yes, there are still many active chapters of the Klu Klux Klan and other racist groups.

    I am a transplant to the south from up north, and I never would have believed it, but was given a card by my mechanic for me to refer my friends. Printed right on the card, was a KKK symbol and a symbol of the top Grand Wizard (I believe that is what he is called) of the organization. I stared in disbelief, and he then informed me that the KKK are still very active, and want to "take back the south". I see and hear many racist comments from the people I deal with at work, too.

  • Yes, but so does the everywhere else

    The South has certain chapters of the Ku Klux Klan still around but so does the North. Racism is everywhere even outside of the United States. As long as coercion or force is not utilized on individuals, it is an issue that we can deal with. We do not have to remain silent and stand idly by when there is a hate speech rally taking place. Free Speech can also be utilized to retaliate against these hate groups (Denunciation).

  • "The South will rise again"

    It took Mississippi until now to ratify the 13th amendment. The rednecks in the south still can't accept defeat of the Civil War and claim the South will rise again. They really need to join the 21st Century and get over themselves. It's like traveling through a time machine when going there.

  • It's not limited to the South.

    There is racism in the South, but I wouldn't say it's limited to the South. I would need to see evidence that suggests that racism occurs at a higher rate than in other areas of the US. Until then, the notion of the racist Southerner is simply a biased stereotype.

  • Everywhere there is racism!

    Maybe in the 50's but not now. The KKK is found everywhere and same with the neos. The South was never racist but following what they believe. People all think the South is evil and nasty because of the slave trade that "started a war" but no! Other states segergated not just the south, and same with slavery, other Union states still held slaves!!

  • People just stereotype.

    Everybody from the North seems to stereotype the South and vice versa. Sure we had a racist problem IN THE 50s and 60s!!! It has been many years since then not everybody down South is looking for a black person to kill. The KKK is practically inactive and those who are apart of it are looked down by almost all whites. We have a bad history and people still think of us as the CSA. You will still find racists, but come on what state does not have people or something that they did and are ashamed of. Mississippi is not as bad as everybody has stereotyped it as. People need to get over themselves and let go of the past.

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