Does the stress of being both a mother and a wage-earner have a negative impact on working mothers' health?

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  • Yes, over time it takes it's toll.

    Most mothers who also work outside the home have no choice in the matter. They have to keep going because there is no other alternative. Because it's their only option, they try to make the most of it. I believe this takes a toll on a woman's health after a while, but they will never admit it because it makes no difference.

  • It's a lot of pressure.

    Yes, the stress of being both a mother and a wage earner has a negative impact on a working mother's health, because that is a lot of responsibility to manage. The stress of it all can sometimes be too much for the mother, especially if they do not have the support of the father, or they will not allow the father to participate.

  • It is hard being both

    Yes, as a single mother who is also a wage earner, I have to say it has some negative impact on a working mother's health. If a woman does not handle the stress well, it will turn into physical ailments, just like any other stressful situation. You have to be able to balance the two parts of your life or it will weigh hard on the body.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe the stress of being both a mother and a wage-earner does have a negative impact on a working mothers' health. I think this has become quite evident as women supposedly garner more equal rights. I for one think the shift in work habits has really hurt the family unit and the affects on children have been the worst. The health of the mother is also at odds.

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