• Yes, Labron James is one of the best players in the game at the moment.

    Not only is Labron James a boon to the Cavaliers team, Cleveland is his home. With his career coming to an end James wants to bring things full circle and return to his home team. If you'll remember his home is in Akron, not far from Cleveland. It was always a sour taste in his mouth how Cleveland felt about him after the first time he left, with people posting pictures and video of how they burned his jersey. Now he wants to change their opinion of him and with that driving him I think we will see the Cavaliers be a serious contender to win it all.

  • Lebron James is the best of the best

    In one word, yes. Lebron James has shown himself to be among the top geniuses of the professional basketball court. Whether shooting, on the defensive or offensive play making Lebron James has the unique and unmatched genius to make plays happen, to confound the opposition and ultimately, to win the game for the Cavalliers.

  • Yes the success of the Cavaliers lies on Lebron James.

    Lebron James is used to having a team totally rely on him. It has happened to him since he started in the NBA as a teenager. He rose to the occasion back then and still has everything it takes to continue to be able to carry his entire team on his shoulders.

  • Cavaliers success not soley on James

    After winning their game in the opening NBA playoffs, the Cavaliers seem to be a favorite at winning the championship this year. Lebron James is the star player on the team, his popularity is well-known. Many owe the recent success of the Cavaliers to James and while he's done an incredible job playing this year, he shouldn't take credit for all the success. There are other members of the team who go out and play just as hard as James, yet their accomplishments are pushed aside in order to report on Lebron's stats. Every game is a team effort and all the members do their best, when they win they should share the spotlight in the team's success.

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