Does the surprising success of major U.S. businesses mean a more secure economic future?

  • Yes, the success of major U.S businesses mean a more secure economic future.

    Yes I believe that the success of major U.S. Businesses mean a more secure economic future. As more businesses succeed economically, more employees are required. Thus more people get jobs and this stimulates Americas economy by means of supply and demand, the employees who get their pay checks spend it on other goods and services and so on.

  • Yes, there's a trickle effect from big businesses.

    If major business do well, their employees do well and this means that they families can spend more, take more vacations, make more large purchases, and over time the area of influence will spread wider and affect more and more people until even the independent, small business owner can see some actual results as well.

  • There needs to be more sustained success first.

    A small sample size of success does not necessarily mean that our future is secure. We need to see long term success that is based on sustainable practices before we can feel optimistic about our future. The recent successes have been a positive sign and if this continues, we can feel more secure about our future.

  • Never rely on major business!

    I don't think so, we never know when these major businesses will fail. They could be doing their financial information wrong, hiding things, doing things dirty behind the scene. I mean, look at the past, there have been some major companies like Enron that we all thought at one point were doing great.... Look at how all that turned out...

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