Does "the system" stigmatize certain issues too much?

  • Yes, the system does stigmatize certain issues.

    One of the biggest issues with "the system" is that it stigmatizes certain groups which leads to further issues for those groups. For example, those that are impoverished are stigmatized strongly when seeking help. Those that need help with their living expenses such as food stamps, temporary assistance for needy family (TANF), or help with child case expenses can expect to be treated poorly with no respect and much disdain.

  • System of Morals Must Change

    Whether it's called "the system" or "good ol' boy network" or whatever, there are certain issues that are stigmatized too much in today's contemporary society. Perhaps the most prevalent is homosexuality--hundreds of bullied teens have killed themselves over the past five years or so because they were stigmatized for being gay. Why? Because other kids, probably due to their parents' influence, decided being gay was a horrible thing. "The system" changes at home with parents teaching their kids the difference between right and wrong at an early age rather than teaching fear.

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