Does the teaching of slavery and segregation have more negative aspects than positive?

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  • We get it

    When outweighing the pros and cons of the teaching of discrimination and racism in the school system, I have to say that the con side wins by far. In no way am I trying to say that it shouldn't be taught at all. It is the biggest and most tragic moment in US history, however there is a time when it goes to far. As a sophomore in high school, I've noticed the reoccurring theme of 'there was a time when black people were thought to be less' for all of my education. Not only is this reinforcing racism in modern day, but giving the idea that this is in the past. The repercussions of slavery and discrimination as a whole is still very vivid in today's society, but not a single teacher of mine has brought up how this still effects black people.

    In my US history class, we had an entire unit on slavery. And last year in my world history class, we also had an entire unit on slavery. Going back, I'm fairly positive that every year there's always a reminder of some sort that slavery existed. Comparing this year to years prior, I've only now realized how desensitized to this everyone is. The gory images in powerpoint presentations of black people hanging from trees with mangled bodies and unrecognizable faces with no one white student even batting an eyelid has always disturbed me. I've commuted with my friends from other schools, and they've given me the same response, and even some ideas to bounce off of.

    By teachers constantly pounding the terrors of slavery into students' heads, it creates and unease between black and white children. When my history teacher talks about how slaves where whipped, beaten, and raped, with only one black student in the class, it's fairly clear as to why this happens. I myself am guilty of solemnly looking at that one student. I can see the discomfort that they're feeling. The question is: why do we focus so much on this one event. I am not and never will excuse slavery, I am simply saying that the teaching of it at this point in my education is obsolete.

    The fact of the matter is that we get it. The continuous teaching of this subject is just breeding more discrimination and racism in our school system. For the sake of that one lone student, and for the sake of that big group of black students, we get it.

  • Teaching hatred inspires hatred.

    Yes, we must learn about and from the disasters in the past as to not repeat them. However, if we intend to recover from the disasters we must not continue to teach the anger which caused them. Give our children the tools needed to live in the present. Give them the tools needed to heal and move forward.

  • Teaching hatred inspires hatred.

    Yes, we must learn about and from the disasters in the past as to not repeat them. However, if we are to heal from thoses disasters we must not fuel the hatred that caused them.
    Give our children the tools needed to live in the present,, not the past. Give them the tools to move forward and improve the world.

  • Black history month.

    The reason we should keep black history month is because all thing that happen to us getting beat,whipped,hanged,and shot. We deserved black history month white people don't deserve a holiday we were treated like trash white people were able to do any thing and get away with any thing. This is the only month black people feel good about there selves.

  • Yes, But the content is not the problem. Its the prespective!

    Should Patriotism Be Encouraged or Discouraged In American Schools?

    Have teacher led discussions discouraged patriotism through emotion and excitement over injustices in history?

    It's fashionable in education for teacher led discussions in history classes to downplay American heroism, while signaling out and highlighting "sins" made throughout America's history.

    We DO want our children to know All of our history, (age appriate ) both good and bad.

    More emphasis is on teaching kids mistakes in our nations history.

    Instead of teaching kids to honor lives sacrificed, our values, and our deeds of our generosity, Our children come home with an indignant excitement for our wrinkles, they can emotionally recall, while passion and excitement is missing for our valiant heroism.

    Our greatest deeds are not attached to the same excitement!

    Wrinkles in our fabric are beautiful lines of wisdom that graced the face of a free diverse nation!
    Honor those who paved the way through all the changes and adversity we faced together as a young nation.

    We gave to many countries during tragedies. Fought with and for a better life in everywhere. Maintained peace during times of unrest. Repaired war torn areas, and gave a better life to many. All without thanks, and often to our own detriment.

    Yet our schools teach our kids to spurn America too!
    Its treason!

    In 200 years, America became the greatest superpower on earth. The rest of the world measures world peace, health, and wealth according to what America does next.

    Its tragic about atrocities in the fabric of our history.

    Young America grew strong and generous. Many growing pains both good and bad.
    We grew up like a child and in maturity we became a parent who guides and cares for all.

    Religious and cultural diversity. Immigrants found a home here. They looked for a better life and found it! Freedom, and a fair way of life, adding to our numbers, crowded cities, and chased gold. Together we built homes, farms, and communities, with resources denied elsewhere but richly available here.
    We built up more than we ever tore down!

    Our Heroes opposed tyranny, slavery, racial divisions, suppression, inequality and more.
    Ended slavery, removed evil regimes, aided countries everywhere, built irrigations, sent food supplies, provided medical relief, irradiated diseases, and more!

    Many sacrificed everything for the American life we now take for granted! Yet we teach our children to devalue their heritage, kill those that protect them, and then scream for more because America owes them!

    We wonder why are influence abroad is disgraced and our streets are less safe.

    Teach our children American Pride! In a lifetime of 100 years, we used the land we fought for to benefit many. Filled it with people from every nation. Gave opportunities they never would have had, including all who are now here inadvertently through wrinkles and adversity (as in slavery) and they also found a home as Americans.

    All in all we blessed the world by being America.

  • Yes! I do!

    As a African-American I do get offended sometimes and my feelings do get hurt often when we talk about it there are only 3 African-Americans in my class they probably get offended too! Yes, us African-Americans do know we weren't the most liked but you don't have to throw it in our faces.

  • The teaching of slavery

    Are we in 1950 ???
    What a stupid question ???
    Always no.
    We don't have to believe in
    Superstition any more.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All black people all white people what this? All are human made by god. I don't know when this world will know this?
    A belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding ......... All together... Talking about slavery teaching..

  • It keeps History From Repeating Itself

    Do you understand the real reason why history is such an important part of our educations? In the end, teachers don't want you walking away from your history class with only the dates and names you were forced to memorize for those tests. The point of teaching you a subject that introduces you to events and situations that occurred in the past is to provide you with the intuition to make a better future. Were we all to forget terrible things that transpired in the past, such as the discrimination and enslavement of people based on race, it would be all too easy to repeat them. Informing students of such past tragedies and showing the sad consequences of the choices made by those before them helps us all.

  • Has more positive aspect

    Slavery and Segregation have more positive aspects than negative. History is such a huge part of why the way the world is today. During slavery and segregation there was nothing but negative times and bad outlooks but that does not mean that it should not be taught in schools now and show how far we have overcome as a country and how it has a positive aspect today. The organization states, “It provided a consistent environment in which people could grow and, to some degree, prosper,” (Sebesta).People say they do not want us to repeat what happened in the past, but that is why so much positive has come out of it. While understanding that some believe that it has only negative aspects and that it should not be taught in schools, on the other hand, our country has learned so much as to every one is equal, kids should still learn about how far we have come and have such a positive aspect on how we overcome.

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