Does the technology associated with SnapChat change the netiquette definition?

  • The technology associated with SnapChat does change the netiquette definition.

    SnapChap's technology has changed the definition of netiquette. I think that SnapChats technology changes the definition of netiquette because it is no longer the time to do anything about it or anything else. I think that snapchat is worthy of everything that netiquette requires. SnapChat will change because its interesting.

  • Technology does change our netiquette with SnapChat

    Technology does change our netiquette with SnapChat. No matter if we are using Facebook, tiwtter or SnapChat, our netiquette has changed a lot in the past recent years. As a facebook user for over the past 3 years, a lot has changed in terms of netiquette. People are doing crazier things every day to get the attention of other people on the web.

  • Technology Associated With SnapChat

    I personally think that technology associated with SnapChat does not change the netiquette because it is a newer messenger. I personally think that technology associated with SnapChat it allows members to video chat with other members while chatting as well as taking pictures. I personally think that technology has been associated with SnapChat because it has made chatting so convenient.

  • Definition Always In Flux

    The truth about netiquette is the fact that it has never had any real, hard and fast rules. The way you are expected to behave on the Internet changes from platform to platform, from website to website. SnapChat is just another platform that people use to interact on the web and while it may have some netiquette standards, it doesn't affect the entire Internet.

  • No, it doesn't.

    There really is no such thing as netiquette as it changes from platform to platform. For example, compare snapchat to an older messenger like yahoo, and it's completely different. Another good example of this would be the differences between Facebook and Twitter. Snapcht is its own unique experience, as are many areas of the web.

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