• Yes, its found on George Orwell’s dystopian drama 1984.

    The term 'Alternative facts' is a term that was coined by George Orwell and used in his book 1984, dystonia drama. The term has drawn attention after it was used by Kellyanne Conway, adviser of president Donald Trump. When a person lies to people how great he is but in reality he is not, that is giving alternative fact, it is mostly used by leaders.

  • Yes, this term belongs to Orwell.

    The term alternative facts was coined by George Orwell. Orwell was a brilliant author and sort of a quasi-philosopher of his day. The concept of alternative facts is an interesting subject to ponder. This term goes a long with other ideas that Orwell came up with--some of which are still controversial.

  • It is a scary proposition

    It should be a concern for the American people that people are just reporting fake things as news. Journalists today have no sense of responsibility for making sure that the things that they report on are true. Instead, they just come up with something that fits their political narrative and run with it.

  • No, I think this phrase has been claimed and championed by the Trump administration.

    George Orwell was still in the realm of fiction. This is now happening under the Trump administration, and they are getting away with it. Is there a law against lying to the public if you are a member of the POTUS administration. They don't even make up good lies. It is assumed they are going to keep getting away with it.

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