Does the threat of capital punishment effectively stop criminals from committing murder?

  • Totally, it reduces the usage of government tax and it costs more to keep prisoners in prison.

    As I said, it is expensive to keep the hopeless people imprisoned and we not only provide the food and water, we also have to hire wardens and officers in advance, which also is connected to the usage of government taxes.
    Furthermore, citizens are afraid of ex prisoners that came out from prisons because they could do unexpected things. Citizens will live with anxiety.

  • Not only murder but moleststation and rape as well.

    Not only first degree murder but child molestation and rape as well. For people that commit those crimes are not able to be rehabilitated and has been proven time again. Not to mention the cost of the tax payer to keep a criminal like that alive at 70 thousand per year for a federal or private institution. Capital punishment is not only about teaching a lesson but cost as well. We spend billions of dollars to keep rapist and child molesters for 15 years or more when it costs the taxpayer billions that could go to science or social opportunity. Not to forget that humans have far exceeded or own habitat and need to be reduced in population.

  • The Death Penalty is a Punishment

    The death penalty is not designed to rehabilitate those who have committed murder and therefore it can not be expected to be used as a social tool to control others.

    Those who commit murder deserve to be murdered by the state in which they live. If the action should cause one to think twice - that is a benefit. However, the bottom line is you have served the correct punishment to the one deserving.

    Law should be clear - take a life, your life is taken.
    Keep it simple.

    If you want to possibly prevent people from murdering others - start when they are young - teach them compassion for others.

  • The death penalty decreases murder

    If the murderer has a risk of death, they will think twice about what they are doing. Also if the murderers go to prison they will be out within 30 years, which means they can murder again, but if they take a life they deserve to have their's taken so they cant murder again.

  • It makes people think twice.

    Lets just say, for example, that a little boy gets murdered. The criminal gets away for about 7 years. The police find him and give him the death penalty and it kills him. If the death penalty stops, there will be nonstop murder. See, if the death penalty kills the murders, there will be less murders.

  • The threat of capital punishment curtails murders, because it causes normal people to think twice.

    Currently, the threat of capital punishment will stop most people from murder. But you will always have the sociopaths who don't even care about the penalty. The normal people who are close to doing something they would regret think twice because of the sentence. One thing that would make them even more hesitant to murder is if capital punishment went back to a more forceful death. The lethal injection lets them get off too easy for such a harsh crime.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • Murder to the first degree is PLANNED!

    You can only get capital for murder to the first degree, which means you planned it carefully in advance. These people aren't committing crimes of passion, these are carefully planned, which means they have to take into account that capital punishment could be awaiting them. Maybe it might not stop all of them, but it sure as hell makes them hesitate.

  • I do agree with the argument that capital punishment is effective in deterring criminals due to the drastic consequence of their actions.

    When criminals have severe consequences, such as the death penalty, it will deter them from committing heinous acts. Before committing such crimes as murder, the loss of human life will matter much more if they think about the possibility of losing their own life. Life in prison not only punishes criminals, but society as well, because innocent taxpayers would be the ones that have to pay for their lives and upkeep. Two wrongs may not be right, but in this case both life in prison and capital punishment are wrong. However, capital punishment punishes less people.

    Posted by: P4ttGood
  • It needs to happen

    If you think you can kill somebody then you should be killed yourself. It's the best way to deter murder and prevent it as much as possible. It really needs to be considered more and needs to be put into place to make the people in this country feel safer.

  • I am smart

    Doesn't mean that people will heed the warning and avoid the effects of the threat being enacted. No matter what you threaten or how much you increase the severity of the punishment there will still ALWAYS be people who will commit murder. I like cheese and French fries my name is Bert

  • The death penalty increases murder.

    Statistically speaking, places with the death penalty have a higher murder rate. For instance, look at the murder rates in Texas and compare them to a state without the death penalty. When someone commits a violent felony, and they know they could get the death penalty, then their life is on the line, and therefore they are much more likely to murder any witnesses.

  • Who thinks about it?

    People who kill either don't think they will get caught, kill in the heat of the moment and aren't thinking about the death penalty, or they are crazy and don't know right from wrong anyway. The death penalty is a deterrent, but that isn't the question we should answer. It should be what is the BIGGER deterrent? And the answer is the possibility of being locked away and never coming out: life in prison without parole.

  • No

    It doesn't matter what you threaten. Just because there is a threat in place doesn't mean that people will heed the warning and avoid the effects of the threat being enacted. No matter what you threaten or how much you increase the severity of the punishment there will still ALWAYS be people who will commit murder.

  • No

    It doesn't matter what you threaten. Just because there is a threat in place doesn't mean that people will heed the warning and avoid the effects of the threat being enacted. No matter what you threaten or how much you increase the severity of the punishment there will still ALWAYS be people who will commit murder.

  • Crazy

    People are never going to stop committing murder. We can't breed out craziness from our genes so we will keep murdering people. So does the state have any effect on our genetic lust for killing people? No, certainly not. I ask you, when was the last time we killed someone as a group and it stopped everyone else from killing others? The clock has been ticking for millenia...

  • One of the reasons why Capital punishment is ineffective because of how it actually supports and mimics murder instead.

    Of course murder is a horrible and bad thing, but that is precisely the reason why we shouldn't do the same thing to them, because it mimics that horrible act that we feel SO negatively towards.
    Secondly, the victim might have a handicap such as personality disorder or they might even be wrongly accused!(Can't bring them back after that)
    It also shows the idea of revenge, that an eye for an eye is just going to solve the problem, 'since it's perfectly even now'! However, Capitol punishment definitely doesn't bring the person back and certainly does NOTHING to RESOLVE the situation. This cycle of revenge will just keep happening! This is why i think that Capital punishment is ineffective to stop criminals committing murder!

  • The Deterrance of Crime

    It is not exactly the actual punishment that coincide with the criminal act, but the mental deterrence to not do the crime again that has the biggest factor in crime prevention. A chronic offender i.e. sexual predator or serial murderer cannot be rehabilitated...they dont care so much about being caught.

  • The death penalty fails as a deterrent for many reasons.

    One of them being that when people commit murder they do it under the heat of passion. Which means that people cannot think rationally while committing the crime; therefore they have no thoughts about the death sentence. So how is the death penalty a deterrent when it is not even being thought about?!

  • Capital punishment has not been shown to prevent murder or make citizens safer.

    Capital punishment does not deter future violent crimes or murders. The threat of punishment, whether jail time, death or flogging, has never been the solution to future crimes, as there will always be criminals, or people desperate or crazed enough to kill. There is also the hypocrisy at the root of capital punishment which is that killing will teach others not to kill. In Europe, where capital punishment has been abolished, the murder rates are significantly lower than where it is allowed.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • Capital punishment is ineffective because it reinforces the idea that killing is okay.

    An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind. Criminals commit murder because they have no respect for others, society or authority, so there's no way they can see authorities killing citizens and absorb the idea that the government can kill but they can't. Executions are always publicized anyway, so it just gives killers another moment in the media spotlight, which they wouldn't get if we just locked them up and threw away the key.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64

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