• More than enough.

    We need flat rate tax so everyone will pull the same percentage weight and there needs to be a minimum amount one needs to pay. That amount will be (income of minimum wage full time)*tax rate. People with higher income already pay more taxes. Taxing them at even a higher bracket is unfair.

  • Yes they do

    They pay 39% in taxes from what I have read. That is quite a bit! We all pay our taxes, and considering how much that adds up to, what the heck is the government doing with that? I think we pay the government top employees a bit too much for what little they really have been doing.

  • The top 1% are giving the poor more than just their tax money

    The top 1% are the ones giving lower to middle income people in the United States jobs. Billionaires don't wind up super rich one day, they aren't these evil people who are taking more for themselves than other people, when people like that are working harder than President Obama will ever know. We should be fair with our money, but this isn't a Socialist society. Not everyone deserves the same amount, because someone one welfare doesn't deserve to be rich if they're not working at it. I have nothing more to say, the wealthy in this country are already paying super high taxes. Not as much as Canada or European countries because we don't have free health care, so that question is super ignorant to ask.

  • The Top One Perecent Should Pay Their Share

    Of course the top one percent doesn't pay enough taxes. They've got all sorts of tax breaks that they can hide behind to prevent from having to pay taxes, and they can afford to hire teams of expensive accountants who are skilled at finding ways of getting out of paying taxes.

  • The top rate of tax does not take into account those earning the most.

    While it's true that the top 1% already pay the most tax in terms of numerical value, they pay a smaller proportion of their income overall into the tax fund. This is particularly the case with regressive taxes. It is immoral to allow the 1% to keep more of their money while the burden is shouldered by those with significantly less.

  • The top 1% Definitely doesn't pay enough taxes.

    The top 1% squeeze money out of the average American through tax breaks and subsidies. As America becomes a plutocracy of the wealthy people, the middle and lower class are being exploited more than ever. While Capitalism is by far the most effective economic system, it has allowed corporations and banks to have a tight rein over America's government. For instance, major banks like Citibank not only causes the 2008 Financial Crisis, but force taxpayers to bail them out. This was in a time when nearly every Americans were in unemployment. It is wrong for the common people to save these greedy fat people.

  • No, I don't believe that the top 1% does pay enough in taxes.

    No, I do not believe that the top one percent pay their fair share of taxes every year. I believe that people who are making that much money could afford to pay a little bit more. I feel like I take a hit on my taxes and I make nowhere near what they do.

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