Does the TV series Survivor depict an unrealistic deadly flu virus?

  • Yes, it is all for television.

    Yes, the TV series Survivor depicts an unrealistic deadly flu virus, because everything on that show is trumped up for television. In reality, the situation is probably much more controlled, because the producers cannot really have any one get sick or die on that show. Survivor has to make things dramatic so that it is interesting television.

  • TV fakes pretty much everything.

    I find that any TV show will pretty much display unrealistic versions of whatever it is they are talking about simply because they have to make it more entertaining for the people back home. Realism is rarely good enough for most folks. So, yes, Survivor is probably depicting an unrealistic virus.

  • NO There's None

    Just watch survivor. Obviously they wouldn't do that. I've been on survivor, and it is super real. I've watched the season I was on and there's no fake stuff. I'm a super fan to and they wouldn't. So guys I hope you believe me and you should, I've been on the show. Believe it.

  • Survivor Is A TV Show

    I do not believe that the TV series Survivor depicts an unrealistic deadly flu virus. Participants live on an island, usually tropically for a certain amount of days and vote their peers off based on several factors. It is a game that is both mentally and physically challenging, some participants get sick, but I haven't seen a deadly flu virus on the show as of yet.

  • No, Survivor is in reference to game play.

    The show Survivor is not about who will survive a deadly flu virus. The term "survivor" applies to the game in that it's about who will last the longest, as players compete in challenges and vote each other out. The winner usually has a very good strategy involving being in alliances, stabbing people in the back, and being good at physical challenges that test their strength or endurance. The show is not about a virus.

  • Survivors Virus Mostly Unrealistic

    The British television series "Survivors" follows a group of people that survived the deadly "European Flu". Unfortunately, the virus depicted in the series is not a super realistic one that could actually happen in today's world. This particular virus doesn't actually exist, and very few viruses even offer the same consequences.

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