• Yes they do

    We must stop species from going extinct. While it's true that most of the species to have ever lived on earth have gone extinct, we, as humans, are now the cause. Not natural reasons. And if we let this happens, it throws the balance of our entire planet off. We must act.

  • The U.N does need to develop strict policies to stop species loss.

    I believe that many animal species are threatened with extinction and that the U.N should put policies into place that will protect them. I also believe that many species go extinct naturally but I believe the U'N should play a role in protecting the animals from becoming that way through human means.

  • Everyone needs to

    Any UN policies to stop species loss would probably be ineffective as much of the UN efforts to combat problems are, but at the same time species loss is a very real problem and everyone needs to get on board. The UN is just one avenue through which to pursue this goal.

  • They cannot manage that.

    No, the U.N. does not need to develop strict policies to stop species loss, because the U.N. is never going to be able to put enough rules in place to control something that happens with African warlords, in an undeveloped country. The U.N. is meant to stop wars, not to control environmental policies.

  • No Strict Policies to Stop Species Loss

    No, the UN shouldn't be terribly involved in policies to stop species loss. For a start, they are diplomats not scientists; what do they know about it? Some species loss is inevitable. That's how evolution works. This is not to say that humans should hunt a species to extinction for frivolous reasons. Some common sense policies should be in place. But the UN has better things to spend its time on.

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