Does the U.N. need to respond to human rights abuses in North Korea?

  • Yes without doubt

    The UN should be debating the human rights situation in North Korea right now! This regime has, arguably the worst human rights record in the world-and that is quite an achievement but not one they should be celebrating! When North Korean citizens are imprisoned for misdemeanours that are not considered criminal offences almost anywhere else, it is also all their family relatives that are punished-just for being related to the individual who has been arrested.
    North Korea has consistently denied having labour camps but satellites have now photographed them and proved that they exist in the mountains of North Korea. And if anyone thinks that I am exaggerating how bad things are, then please read the accounts of those who have escaped the country after spending time in these camps. Their is no clearer description of hell on earth!
    The international spotlight needs shining clearly on the atrocities consistently committed by this regime towards its citizens over many years, including allowing untold numbers of people to starve to death in the 1990s. A system of extremely punitive sanctions should be applied by the UN and others especially towards the leadership of the country. They are not going to improve their human rights without a great deal of consistent pressure being applied from multiple directions. Enough is enough!

  • Yes, they should

    Human rights is something each country should abide by. There are many countries where there are violations and each one should be acted upon by the higher levels in the world. Improving conditions for people is a noble task and should not be restricted to one country or another, it should be a global effort.

  • Yes, its important for the good of the world

    The United Nation needs to respond to possible human rights abuses in North Korea just to make sure that they are not planning on spreading these abuses to the rest of the world, and to make sure that the North Korean people have a way of saving themselves. This is the purpose of the organization, after all.

  • Not our place.

    We should be responding to human rights abuses IN AMERICA. It's our country, how can we justify cleaning up another country's mess, when we can't even clean up our own? Besides, what happened the last time we got involved with a foreign dictatorship? We just made everything worse. Besides, the Kim-Il Sung family has such a toehold in politics in that country that there is no way we would supplant them totally, only if we stayed in No. Korea for 50 years, which would be wildly expensive and unpopular. What happens in No. Korea is gonna have to stay in No. Korea. Let's face our own music.

  • Why start now?

    The UN has sat idly by making feeble threats nobody takes seriously as Syria gets wiped out, why would they hand pick North Korea to be the one that they make a legitimate effort to help? The atrocities in North Korea are not ones to be dismissed, you're required to say it is the greatest country in the world as you step over bodies in the streets that have dropped from starvation, but the UN would look even worse than it currently does if it stepped in here with all the other places it isn't.

  • Selective Support

    No, the United Nations does not need to respond to human rights abuses in North Korea because the suffering the Korean people endure is but a fraction of what many other peoples, particularly in Africa, have suffered in recent memory. It seems that the U.N. nations are only worried about "human rights" when it aligns with its own foreign policy goals (in this case, keeping North Korea from developing/utilizing weapons of mass destruction). But when it comes to other nations and people, the U.N. demonstrates a complete disinterest, particularly in Africa. The U.N. needs to concern itself more with the genocides and mass killings in places like Africa before it worries about hunger problems in North Korea.

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