Does the U.S. drone program need more transparency?

  • More Transparency Needed

    With Americans unable to know the exact numbers provided by the government on those killed in drone strikes overseas, they have less of a precedent to favor them, and I'm sure that the public favoring of drones at about 65% would go down when they see the hard evidence of many civilian casualties.

  • The U.S. drone program needs more transparency, both to be accountable to the American people and to improve its image around the world.

    The U.S. drone program, which has received criticism from both Republican and Democratic officials and voters, needs more transparency regarding its use, its objectives and its consequences. More transparency would help voters decide if such a policy is serving the best interests of the U.S., and would help ease tensions with our allies and nations in the Middle East.

  • The U.S. drone program needs more transparency.

    Think of all the innocent lives that may be saved by a little more transparency. When the people responsible know someone is going to see through their thought process and decide for themselves if appropriate measures were taken, they will play it safe. How do you measure the value of a life? We are there to protect our freedoms and prevent terrorism, but are we any better if we kill their innocents instead of them killing ours?

  • The Drone program still needs to be secret.

    There needs to be a lot more accountability put into this program though. It really does need to be kept secret to prevent prospective targets from being alerted. I think we need to keep it a secret (for abroad operations) for a little while longer, but I also think that we should keep information about it from other governments too. For instance, Pakistan. I think everyone knows that we have it, that's pretty obvious, and I am pretty sure that every American knows what it is and why we are using them. Transparency needs to come when this is used on our borders though.

  • No, but more responsibility is needed

    Drone strikes won't be as effective if the country is more open about them, why they work is they're quick strikes without warning. What does need to happen however is people need to be held responsible when they fail. One murdered innocent is too many, regardless of the evil that gets taken out in the process. These need to be more precise and done with 100% confidence.

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