Does the U.S. government engage in "false flag" operations?

  • There are proven cases

    Lets not even mention 9/11, because while there is overwhelming evidence of foul-play we do not have a definitive "proof" that it was a false flag attack. However, we have proofs for false flags that were either planned or carried out. Operation Northwoods, where the CIA wanted to bomb US citizens and blame it on the Cubans to justify an invasion of Cuba, is a prime example. It is openly known and admitted that USA overthrew governments in several countries. This is US foreign policy, and false flag attacks are an integral part of it.

  • Special Ops Probably Blamed on Other Countries

    The U.S. government probably engages in false flag operations in foreign countries to try to pin the blame for a military operation on another organization. Some conspiracy theorists believe the 9/11 terror attacks were a false flag operation orchestrated by our own government only to make it look like al-Qaeda. The truth is, no one truly knows what the U.S. government's secret operations have done over the years.

  • Yes, the US Government operates flase flag operations

    I wholeheartedly believe the US Government engages in false flag operations. There are many conspiracy type theories associated with many events of the last decade, and the entity behind orchestrating the events is the US Government. They have been accused of such things as orchestrating the events leading up to the war in Iraq as a war for profit.

  • Maybe they have, but non have ever been proven.

    Despite the conspiracy theorists desperate claims that the Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag, it is not by definition, a false flag. Just because some believe in the 9/11 conspiracy does not mean it's true.
    The 9/11 conspiracies do not stand after you apply facts and reality to them.
    "Pull" does not mean to bring down with explosives
    WTC 7 had extensive structural damage cause by debris, mixed with fires left raging for 7 hours brought down tower 7 (I suggest watching Myles Power (powerm1985)'s debunking series on 9/11)
    Planes are made from almost 80%, which has a melting point well below the temp of the fires burning inside the pentagon, which means flight 77 most likely melted, not disappeared.
    There are dozens of photos of wreckage at the pentagon and Pennsylvania, you just have to look for them.
    Steel does not have to melt to reach structural failure.
    I could go on and on, debunking every claim, but that would take forever, since every time a claim gets debunked, they make up a new claim. Proof of this is a crappy mockumentary called loose change, who had to make many different versions to take out BS claims and add in new ones, until they finally stopped. Two of the three directors have pretty much given up on the conspiracy BS, because they know the conspiracy theory is stupid. The only one left peddling the BS is Jason Bermas, who probably hopes to make a little bit more money from gullible people, until he retires.

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