Does the U.S. government have the potential to change the world?

  • For the bad !

    Usa has the potential to change the world if it withdraws troops from Afghanistan , Iraq middle east etc . Imperialism gives birth to rebels and revolutionaries. The threat fabricated by the western governments are for political gains and strategic basis. Take an example of the most recent crisis in Ukraine. The charges against Russians are deceiving and distorted by the cabinet as well as the media In no less terms. Usa and the eu were the conspiraters. Trying to oust a democratically elected president by a coup. Berlusconi himself stated that eu conspired against his government by deliberately persuading united states to vote against loans to Italy in times when his government was facing an economic meltdown.

  • Yes, but it should start from within.

    I answer "yes" to this question but I have mixed feelings about it, because the U.S. seems to like to think that it's the leader of just about everything. It does have the potential to change the world, to lead in example, in technology, in education, in all sorts of things, but it doesn't seem dedicated to doing that. I don't think it should view progress in terms beyond itself, for the time being. We've been so lax in can't afford it much, parents can't, and we've spent so much on wars that we've neglected our infrastructure and other policies that better ourselves and strengthen ourselves. It's through strengthening ourselves that we will change the world for the better.

  • Yes, the U.S. government has the power to influence the world and change it

    The U.S. has now been the most powerful country on the planet for at least several decades. Americanization is already seen throughout the world, with shopping malls and fast food chains popping up everywhere, this is proof how much influence we can have on the world. We also have the strongest military by far and have the ability to force the world to change to our values. Although we have the potential to change the world, whether or not we should actually be that involved in foreign affairs is a whole different debate.

  • Yes, anything/one has the potential to change the world...per say...

    The problem isn't if the potential there, everyone and everything has potential to change the world. The problem is if people are looking for or wanting the change. I don't think that the US has power to change the world, but it does have the sway to get the ball rolling in the direction of change.

  • The US government can change the world if it wants to.

    The United States is in a unique position in that it is a world superpower with considerable influence internationally. It can intervene in international politics and influence elections by supporting one candidate over another. It can provide aid to nations suffering from natural disasters or war, thus helping the people survive and thrive. The trick is getting enough people in politics to agree to do these things.

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