Does the U.S. government need to protect its citizens from gun violence?

  • Police protects citizens

    Government that does not defend its citizens is pointless. There is a reason why the police exists. I support the right to own some guns, but to force everyone to own guns is stupid. Police is needed to protect US citizens against guns, so the answer to the question is yes.

  • Yes, there's an obligation

    I will start of by saying that I support a person's Second Ammendment right to own a gun. I will continue by saying that I think there need to be reasonable restrictions on what kind of weapons are available to the public, and what kind of people are permitted to own weapons. A person who served time in prison for assault, has no business owning a gun. The average American citizen, has no need for a guns with high rates of fire.

  • Yes the Government should protect us from gun violence but not with gun control

    I believe the government should protect us from gun violence but not with heavy gun control. Only we can protect ourselves. The police cant always be their to hold our hands. Let the people of America have our firearms for our own protection. Plus, banning of semi-automatic assault rifles would not help since a very large portion of gun related deaths in America come from handguns. But, gun control would not help. Instead we should concentrate on cracking down on criminals, and gang violence.

  • Gun violence should be stopped by the government.

    I believe that it is the duty of the government to help protect its people from the gun violence that is so rampant across America. I think that many of the regulatory procedures we have implemented to stunt gun violence need overhaul, there needs to be more government regulation in place.

  • Government Needs to Stop Gun Violence

    Without a doubt, the United States government needs to protect its citizens from gun violence. This goal shouldn't be achieved by stepping on their rights and limiting firearms ownership, though. Programs that target the mentally ill and preven them from owning guns are a smart idea. However, laws that make it harder for ordinary citizens to acquire guns are bad.

  • The U.S. government needs to protect its citizens from gun violence.

    The U.S. government needs to protect its citizens from gun violence. Something should be done before we have another disaster on our hands. We should be protecting ourselves and the people around us. By taking guns away from criminals we can effectively stop the violence in our cities and our country.

  • Yes, but not at the cost of our rights!

    Here's how they could it, instead of banning anything that scares them at that moment in time (brass knuckles, automatic knives, "assault weapons" and so forth): They should try to make sweeping changes that reduce the amount of crimes by improving social conditions, getting a handle on mental illness, reforming the education system educating people to try to encourage acceptance. This includes eliminating political correctness.

    Reforming the prison system as to reduce recidivism rates by reducing the penalty for non-violent crimes, decriminalizing possession and growth of any drugs, and increasing the penalties for violent crimes and using weapons in crimes. These are better ways to prevent gun violence.

  • The US government can't protect us from ourselves.

    Gun violence is a result of social disorder, hopelessness and despair. Guns are only a tool used to carry out ones mental distress. The government needs to take care of it's people better, without being so greedy via way of taxes and needs to relax its laws. Once people are more relaxed, there will be less violence and/or gun violence as well.

  • Best Handled Locally

    I believe it is impossible for the United States federal government to protect individual citizens from gun violence. Gun violence is not as common as some people would like to make it out to be. I assume this question is referring to tighten gun ownerships laws. It is important to realize that this will not eliminate guns, in fact, more people will be more likely to turn to the black market to obtain their firearms. Stricter laws do not reduce gun violence.

  • It is not the U.S. government's job to protect its citizens from each other

    The U.S. Government does not need to protect its citizens from gun violence. That is the job of the state to protect its citizens from all violence. To make gun violence something special that the federal government should step in is unnecessary and does not help serve anything other than the agenda of those who would have us all defenseless and at the mercy of a police state.

  • Be responsible for yourself and your loved ones!

    Why would any reasonable person trust ANYONE else besides themselves to protect their loved ones? Grow up and take some responsibility. Count on no one else to defend the things closest to your heart. Every citizen, mother, father, brother, sister, son and daughter needs to protect their loved ones. I would never trust or put such an important task into the hands of anyone else or the police or the government. Handle your business, no one else in the world is here to babysit you and your loved ones.

  • Government shoots most people.

    The government is the biggest perpetrator of gun violence. We need to disarm the government to protect citizens FIRST. The government has shot more people in the world than people have shot either other citizens or their government. Why do we want to disarm private citizens so they are defenseless against government and criminals?

    The police have already been found by the lower courts that it is not their responsibility to protect citizens...It is only their job to bring your murderer to justice. The courts have ruled in D.C. That it is our job to protect ourselves

  • People need to stop being lazy

    And protect themselves from Violence. Average 911 response time call is 11 minutes folks. That's why I have guns. If everybody would take care of themselves and carry their own gun, Sandy hook crap like this wouldn't happen. If we become passive sheeple, criminals will go open season on us

  • It is not up to the government to protect us from gun violence.

    The government controls too many things as it is. It should be up to the state, and the people selling guns to protect us. It is not the gun that causes violence, it is the people behind the trigger.
    We are too quick to sell guns to people without a second glance.

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