• The US does have the right.

    The United States of America does have a place in criticizing Russia on its human rights. The United States had come a very long way in its equality on human rights. If you compare Russia to the United States, Russia is currently in the stone age when it comes to human rights.

  • The U.S. Track Record May Not Be Clean, But It Is Certainly Heads Above Russia's

    The United States has gone through a history of human rights violations. Slavery, native American relocation, and the labor conditions of years past are all deplorable, but the country has made great strides towards ascertaining rights for all citizens. While still facing some of the issues in human rights that Russia has, the United States is in the perfect position to criticize Russia. The United States should be able to understand Russia's problems and make credible and constructive criticisms of the practices there. At the same time, it would be fair for Russia to, in turn, criticize the United States on similar problems.

  • No we do not

    Looking at what the US has done to Arab Countries started a war with the argument Saddam had weapons of mass destruction when in fact they well knew he did not. They killed him and tens of thousands of innocent people. Destroyed their countries. For what?? Greed and oil and money. We certainly have no right to say anything about the russians!!!

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