Does the U.S. have the right to impose economic sanctions on other countries when no one can impose economic sanctions on the U.S.?

Asked by: savvga13
  • Any nation can make sanctions.

    Any nation can sanction the US. Doing so would hurt its economy rather than America's, but they are certainly capable of doing it. All nations have the right to regulate trade, which means that the US has the right to impose sanctions. The US can and should use sanctions to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

  • The us is a tyrant power

    They impose something on weaker countries just because they can. They kill people in other countries using unmanned drones. What if other countries did that to the us?What if whe we went outside a drone from another country was shooting at us. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. We have lost our moral compass.

  • The Real Question

    Yes, the real question is... Why would the US want to impose economic sanctions on a country? For peace? Their arsenal of weapons is quite impressive and they can intimidate many countries..I think this is a more subtle cloak and dagger method intended to get around most peoples thought processes.

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