• Department of homeland security

    Of course it does. The department of homeland security pretty much was created to merge about 20 of the crazy number of agencies we have together.

    But new administration's keep forming new agencies for new niche purposes, Creating obscene amounts of waste and reducing cooperation between agencies.

    Part of the cause of 9/11 was a lack of interagency coordination, Again because we just have too many.

    You only need look at the primary investigative agencies. The FBI, The DEA, Secret service, ATF. We don't need that many agencies just for federal policing.

    And that's not even counting all the countless little ones.

    We could save a lot of money, Improve efficiency, And improve oversight and coordination by merging all these agencies together.

    Department of homeland investigation perhaps?

  • Yes, it does

    They all cost money and it appears they are killing the budget. If they were to give some to the private sectors it would really help out the budget and the funds could be used to help other areas. The biggest issue is that some seem to do the same thing as others. They appear useless to us.

  • The USA definitely has too many agencies

    There are way too many government agencies. There are agencies that I have never heard, tasked with doing things that are already done by other agencies. There is a lot of redundancy and inessential functionality in the government sector. We could get rid of a large fraction of the Federal Government and we would be just fine.

  • US Has Too Many Government Agencies

    You could say the US has too many government agencies and could stand to get rid of a few. For instances, the United States Trustee office which does, what? Oversees bankruptcies and attempts to make sure that everyone is honest? Well there are already bankruptcy trustees and State Bars. And the CIA has been taken by surprise a few too many times since the cold war, or even during the cold war. What is its purpose now?

  • No, I do not think that US has too many agencies.

    I do not believe that the United States of America has too many government agencies. I think that there is the right amount of agencies to govern the country to an efficient and fair level. I think that if one agency was given too much power, it would be dangerous for society.

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