Does The U.S Military Fight For Freedom & Democracy?

  • Yes they do

    The United states military fights for freedom and democracy. I know because i feel like it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it .

  • They do that

    Bombs should be banned in Spain because the Spanish are all anti french and if the Spanish set fire to France we will be able to kill the Spanish and then america will get angry because we killed the flamenco and they will try to kill the British for killing the Spanish and then Russia will use that excuse to kill the Americans but Donald trump has built the wall so then the missiles will hit of the wall bounce back,ricochet of mexico and then hit canada

  • One should be so0O0 ignorant to think so!

    US military gave freedom to almost 10000 Vietnami women by raping them in a way that they become pregnant!

    They also gave freedom to Afghanistani people by killing infants and innocent. Having weakened the government al-Qaeedah got power!

    They also gave freedom to the infants of Iraqi people when they used illegal weapons. Just check out how mothers in Fallujah of Iraq give birth to three-leg, one-leg and two-head children!
    Their special soldiers also gave freedom to a beautiful Iraqi teen. Having detected her, they followed her and found her family; they killed her father and brothers, afterward they raped her and they burned her so that no one detect it!!
    And... And.. And...
    They support Zionist infant killers and dark kingdoms like Saudi Arabia.

  • This question isn't specific enough

    In order to get an accurate answer to this question, you must specify who's freedom. In America, we have freedom. It's a constitutional right! In fact, we have so much freedom here that we have started fighting for the freedom of others such as the people of Syria or Iraq. So yes, we fit get for freedom, but no, we don't spend enough time protecting our own freedom. If I were head of the military, I would pull al, troop out of foreign lands and keep everyone here. And before you call me a Trump supporter, I am 100% against Trump, I only have some similar opinions.

  • They're a military

    Militaries don't have to uphold an ideal, or set a personal preference on what it does and why. A military is formed to defend the region or people who make it. They're leaders give them orders, the soldiers carry them out. Those who do otherwise are usually court marshalled or worse. The U.S. military is not meant to fight for Freedom and Democracy, it is meant to fight for the democratic government of a free country. Two very different concepts.

  • Apparently Not So.

    The U.S. Military fights for the united states, you know, as the name would imply.

    The US might support the concepts of freedom and democracy, but that's a different discussion.
    Also, the only argument for yes is quite clearly a bigoted argument, which itself is good evidence to suggest that america does not stand for the concepts, giving it's army no chance.

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