Does the U.S. military have a sexual assault epidemic?

  • Indeed it does.

    Yes, the U.S. Military has been in the news for decades now with more and more sexual assaults as the reason. In fact, our entire Puritan-based country has a sexual assault epidemic toward women and children. Even U.S. Military leaders and members in positions of authority but not great authority have been tried for sexual assault against women to the extent that qualifies as an "epidemic."

  • No, they do not.

    I have heard of a few cases of sexual assault within the military, but I do not think there are so many cases that it can be classified as an epidemic. The military just needs to continue to crack down hard on those who do something like that, and I think we will be safe from it becoming an epidemic.

  • No, the U.S. Military does not have a sexual assault epidemic.

    No, I do not believe that the U.S. Military has a sexual assault epidemic, and that a few isolated cases of sexual assault inside the U.S. Military should not constitute an epidemic. I think that the military should continue to crack down on sexual assault cases, but not enough cases have occurred to cause an epidemic.

  • No they do not have a sexual assault epidemic.

    There are cases of sexual assault all across the many occupations across the United States, not just the military. However, calling it a sexual assault epidemic is a bit too extreme. There needs to however be a need to strongly place individuals within the military from sexual assault and have regulations and laws against it as in any work place environment.

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