Does the U.S. need a healthcare system that is more like those in Europe?

  • Yes, it seems unethical to make many people choose between health and poverty.

    The current healthcare system, even with Obamacare, puts far too much strain on the lower class. Many people can't afford the healthcare they need, and while European models have their drawbacks, I don't think they're as bad as cancer patients dying because they're too poor to afford treatment. This seems like a direct affront to our right to life, itself.

  • It Depends on What Kind of System is in place.

    I haven't really studied the healthcare system in Europe but if it's anything like the one in Canada which is socialized medicine sign me up. The thing is I think there was good intentions with the Affordable Care Act but somewhere down the road thanks to lobbyist and insurance companies refusing to lower premiums this program became a nightmare for Americans for the most part. We do need to fix it, mind you I said fix it not repel it. What we had before also wasn't good, but ACA unfortunately wasn't the soulution to that monumental problem.

  • Yes, the current system is overly complicated and expensive.

    It is absurd that in "the greatest nation on Earth" you are required to go through a complicated registration process and then pay ridiculous amounts of money just for the ability to visit a doctor, and then pay even more money when you get there. On top of that, if you don't buy the ridiculously overpriced health insurance, you have to pay a fine. Health care is a basic human need. We have the ability to give it to everyone. Let's simplify the entire process. How much easier would it be if you could just go to a doctor's office and get treatment, without having to worry about insurance or paying ridiculous fees?

  • The United States does not need a healthcare system that is more like Europe

    For the United States to undertake a healthcare system like Europe would be a disaster. We are regularly fed a stream of so called good news about European health care. However, the media never reports the downside. They don't report crushing tax burdens, long waits for basic services, or the lofty expenses that go along with it.

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