Does the U.S. need an easier path to citizenship?

  • Right to vote with your feet

    Keeping citizens inside a country is usually considered tyranny. Keeping them out is to support those tyrannies. America is founded on the principle of immigration. It is founded on the principle of escaping a past life, and a corrupt government to live in freedom. Part of the greatness of the newborn American nation was that you could live in any state within it. If you didn't agree with the government of one state, you could go to another. America has the land space to support a much greater population size, and I can see no logical reason to bar citizens from other nations from supporting our great nation by coming to it. Let other nations know that freedom is what the people want.

  • It Should Be Easier

    I think that United States does need to make easier ways to get citizenship. This country is founded on letting whoever join this nation, but now we are making it hard for people to become part of our family. I think that is wrong. The government needs to step it up.

  • No it doesn't

    The US has one of the easiest paths to citizenship in the world: birthright citizenship under the Fourteenth Amendment. In no other country on earth can one become a citizen simply through being born while one's foreign born parents happened to be there. The system for adults is already enormously generous compared to other countries. It wasn't that long ago that the US had periodic moratoriums on all forms of immigration and had strict ethnic quotas. Now anyone, from anywhere can become a US citizen. If anything, our system ought to be tightened again.

  • No, They Do Not

    The current path to citizenship in the United States is perfectly fine as is. The system that has been in place for over 200 years is one that has been shown to work time and time again. There is not significant reason to relax the standards. We need to have some barrier to entry into this country.

  • No

    I think the path to citizenship has to remain the way it is. There's definitely a problem with illegal immigrants in this nation, and there's nothing being done to solve that. They take jobs that legal citizens could have and provide problems. I believe if there's anything to take care of in the U.S in terms of citizenship, it should be illegal immigration. We can't have more people come in when it's troublesome already as it is.

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