• The U.S. needs an energy tax.

    Energy is becoming more and more like money. The human civilization is engorged in technology and for this technology to function, power is needed. Still it is questionable how such a tax would be enacted. Would an energy tax be aimed at people producing energy? Even private producers like a common man with a small wind turbine?

  • No, it is unfair.

    The government shouldn't tax us on basic things that everyone needs on a daily basis. Energy bills are very expensive, and this may cause many families to have even tougher winters and summers, when their bills are already at their highest. Adding more taxes like this one will only hurt the country.

  • An Energy or Carbon tax will not work.

    First a tax is enacted by government. Our government is not in the energy business even though tax dollars may subsidize it. Increased taxes on consumers will go to whom and for what purpose. Unless the government is using the funds to find more energy resources why supply money fo the politicians to waste. Why support carbon credits when the money will not go for cleaning the air or the environment. Using Al Gore as an example, you will notice his carbon footprint is larger than any dinosaurs. While energy is a finite resource we need to find ways to conserve the resource for everyone. A tax will only line governments pockets andyou can rest assured they don't need anymore of our money.

  • Markets take care of themselves

    An energy tax would just be another burden on already stretched consumers. It sounds good because only the large multibillion corporations will pay it but the cost will roll down hill to every household constricted family incomes even more. The second question is what will the tax fund more subsidies for companies that are not competitive in this environment.

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