Does the U.S. need an executive branch 'drone court'?

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  • It Is Not Necessary

    There should not be a separate court for drone issues and discussion. Most people are against drones and it would be completely wrong to waste their tax money on this. This is a sensitive matter and there is no way a judge could be able to tell if using a drone was justified or not.

  • The Supreme Court should handle drone cases.

    A separate drone court shouldn't be necessary; the Supreme Court should be able to handle cases involving drones. Even better, the courts should hold the executive branch accountable for engaging in acts of war without actually declaring a war in the first place. If anything, the executive branch should arrest themselves.

  • Stop Spending Money Already

    With military advisers, there's no need to have a Federal Judge jumping in and wasting taxpayer's time and money to decide whether a Drone strike is necessary or not. I've heard stories from military members who fought on the front line. There's no way I could judge based on their stories whether a hit was necessary or not. I'm not on the front lines, I don't have that experience, and I think the military leaders are the people in the best position to make that judgment.

  • Congress under Bush made it legal.

    Under Bush's administration, Congress gave the President powers never imaginable because of a horrible tragedy. The drones being used by the Obama administration are keeping our men and women off the front lines while still killing the enemies. Everything they are doing is legal under the previous administrations laws established.

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