Does the U.S. need anti-discrimination legislation for transgender individuals?

  • Minorities need protection

    Minorities are people too, transgender people need anti-discrimination laws even if people don't agree with their gender identity. A transgender person is not mentally ill or choosing to be this way, but even If they were they would still deserve protection as they are not harming anyone else and are not sexual deviants. Being transgender, or one's gender identity, has nothing to do with one's sexuality.

  • Yes, I think that anti-discrimination legislation for transgender people would be great

    I feel that just like someone cannot choose race, hair color, or eye color that they also cannot choose to be transgender. These people are born with gender dysphoria and changing their sex is the only way to remedy this so that they can lead normal and productive lives. A person should never be discriminated against for wanting to be the person that they truly are on the inside.

  • Yes, Transgender Individuals Should be Covered by Anti-Discrimination Legislation

    Transgender Individuals have the same rights as all other people, and therefore should have anti-discrimination laws to protect their rights. Differences always put targets on backs, and they should not be ignored. New legislation isn't needed, necessarily. Anti-Discrimination laws should simply be updated to include them in their laws.

  • Discrimination happens

    Especially to transgendered individuals. We should not allow any person to suffer because of their race, religion, class, gender, gender identity, sexuality, or any other reason. People should be free to live their lives as they choose and the US government should protect those rights. Even for those who are transgendered.

  • No, they aren't being discriminated against!

    Transgender people are mentally ill, they are identifying themselves as something that they are CLEARLY NOT.
    So ob-course people are going to think that they are weirdos, because they are,in fact, mentally insane weirdos.
    We don't need legislation illegalizing imaginable discrimination, we need legislation making it so that all these maniacs go to the insane asylum.

  • No More Amendments

    Our constitution already has anti-discrimination legislation in it. It should cover any and all forms of discrimination. Congress is making our constitution more and more confusing and lengthy by adding clauses, addendum's and amendments. If we would simply stick to the basic constitution and it's original few amendments, things would be fine. As it is, so many have been added that not even the legislators can agree on its meaning.

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  • Transgender people suck and they have an illness!!!!!!!!!!

    If you don't want to be discriminated against then don't change your gender. It is completely your choice that you want to transition but if you do then it is clear you have an illness. Its not normal to think your born in the wrong body, that's absurd. Just don't complain that your being discriminated against.

  • Transgenders are ill

    If you think that you were born in the wrong body and think you are a gender that you are not then there is clearly something wrong with you. If you transition then you ruin your life and your next generation. You wont be able to mate and it is a problem overall.

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