• No it does not

    The American military cannot properly do it's job if we cut it's budget. Our military is one of the greatest in the world and we need it desperately right now considering NK and China's stance towards America. Cutting the budget of the military will only provoke and attack against our nation.

  • Reforms are needed.

    I think that having a super large military is proving ineffective at dealing with the modern threats where guerrilla tactics are used. I think the U.S. military should cut down on size and focus on reforming into a smaller more mobile fighting force that emphasizes technology and the ability to destroy the enemy force.

  • Yes, our defense budget needs to be trimmed.

    While, the world is not a peaceful place, having a military that is larger than the next 5 powers is a little too big. It is alright to have a military and one that is on alert but at a time when we are trying to pull out of the middle east and we are not running to the aid of every country in strife, it is time to focus those resources to strengthening our country and not just our muscle.

  • America Should Not Cut The Defense Budget

    I do not think that America should cut the defense budget. National security is very important and a way that we protect ourselves from foreign dangers. If we were to cut the defense budget it would make the news and could be the chance that potential terrorists are waiting for.

  • No, the US does not need to cut its defense budget

    The US defense budget has been cut enough by this administration, and should not be cut any further. More powerful enemies keep popping up around the world like North Korea and Iran, while others like Russia and Cuba are trying to regain more of their former strength. In addition, we continually project ourselves as the global police, and the funding can't be removed and retain that necessary defense.

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