• The U.S. needs more government spending.

    Perhaps better spending, rather than more spending is the answer. It is a fact that the United States government needs to spend money to continue the economic recovery. However, money cannot be thrown at pet projects. Every dollar that is spent needs to be justified and tracked. If $1 million dollars is allocated to domestic violence abuse programs, Americans need to see where each dollar went. They want to know how many counseling sessions were paid for, how many social workers were hired, what kind of educational programs were put in place, etc. The U.S. government should spend as necessary, but with an eye to accountability and results.

  • Nobody spends more than they own.

    I am appalled that ANY government would not immediately fix a negative income. It is remarkable how far we have lied to ourselves about the fact.

    To be worth ANY money, you should not be in dept AT ALL. We are further into dept than we have GDP!
    To say we shouldn't stop and pay off our debts while they are still possible is a death warrant for the country itself!

  • We Don't Need More

    The United States does not need more government spending. They've already put us in a huge hole and they do not need to dig it any deeper. The people that need to be spending are the consumers. People spending money will help out the economy and make it in better shape.

  • Less Spending and Smarter use

    Our government generates more than enough revenue from taxes. More spending is why we currently have a budget deficit of nearly $17 trillion. We absolutely, do not need more spending or higher taxes. The government just needs to have a balanced budget. The Obama administration has yet to have a balanced budget in the last four years; if they cannot control spending the budget crisis is just going to continue to get worse. Also, if we continue to print money, inflation is going to further decrease the value of our dollar.

  • They Need More Efficient Spending

    The United States government does not need to do more spending. What it needs to do is stop spending billions and billions of dollars on the military and start spending that money on education and infrastructure. We need to put that money to good use restoring our economy. We just need to start spending our money in better places.

  • Cut Off Government Spending

    The federal government spends far too much money and justifies it by claiming that they are trying to improve society and help the poor. This is not at all true. Far too much money is spent on special interests projects that only benefit a very few individuals. Further, many people get rich from fat government contracts.

  • What is net worth.

    America will not have net worth at this rate. In order to become rich and wealthy as the United States once was, you do not simply spend all of your money borrow more and then imagine that it will be ok to create more bills without any more revenue. Until our large companies that have shipped the jobs over seas to make more profits realize how they have hurt the average worker, America will be in big trouble financially. For all those who think you should be able to put one dollar in the stock market and have it turn in to more money later. I have to ask you does Detroit look financially healthy? How about Chicago? With some realism lets start saying one dollar is worth one dollar not x amount based on some formula that crashes housing markets and destroys lives of all that reproduce.

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