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  • The U.S. government does not need more secrecy

    It is my opinion that U.S. Government does not need to employ any more secrecy than it already uses in its overall policy. I feel that the American public needs to know more about the government's actions concerning foreign policy, and that creating more secrecy would only cause more public animosity.

  • Government secrecy bad

    We have gotten to the point in the world today where government needs to be honest with people about certain topics. The more people know the more they can prepare for anything that happens good or bad. This will allow for better response time and overall knowledge and secrecy will never help that.

  • No, I think the US needs less Government secrercy.

    Overall I think the Government should be as transparent as possible, I think the Citizens which fund the Government through their tax dollars have the right to know how their money is being spent and what exactly the Government is involved with, I think the only areas the Government should keep secret is high level military missions.

  • this seems like common sense

    Why would we want our government to spy on us more than they already do? I guess people can say, "so they will protect us better." The thing is, they are not always spying on people to protect them. We need a system that does not go over board with their power, plain and simple.

  • Government Already Secret Enough

    The United States government is already secret enough and there doesn't need to be any more secrecy than we already have. Edward Snowden's revelations were eye-opening and just added to the distrust American citizens already have in our government. There needs to be more openness in the federal government's dealings because taxpayers are the ones on the hook for the way our government spends money.

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