• Financial crime is hurting us

    Financial crimes committed by major banks and what we refer to so kindly as "white collar criminals" are hurting the economy and the working class more than anything right now, and stricter laws and regulations need to be put into place and maintained by the government to ensure that the economy runs safely and securely.

  • Yes, I think the US could use more strict money laundering laws.

    I think that there are still large amounts of loopholes criminals can use in our current finance system to launder money without being detected, I think regulators need to be constantly closing these holes and tightening other sections that might be prone to abuse as well, so overall I think more money laundering laws are needed.

  • Yes, the USA needs stricter money laundering laws.

    I think the United States of America definitely needs stricter money laundering laws. I think that money laundering is something that needs to be stopped. The ability to money launder encourage criminal enterprises to commit acts of crimes within the USA. I think if money laundering was more difficult, it would help stop a lot of illegal activity.

  • No the United States does not need stricter money laundering laws.

    The United States does not need stricter money laundering laws, but instead needs better enforcement of the laws currently on the books. Both the Bank Secrecy Act and the Money Laundering Control Act, provides plenty of legal authority to stop a majority of the money laundering in the US. What is missing the physical assets, enforcement and compliance officers to enforce the laws on the books.

  • not at all

    no, i think that the laws that we have in place right now are good enough, and that we do not need a whole lot more of them to try to stop this. i think that right now we can catch most of the people that are trying to do this.

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