Does the U.S. need to beef up their surveillance of Muslims?

  • Yes the U.S. needs to beef up their surveillance of Muslims

    Yes, after the Boston bombings and more radicalism I think that it is time for the the United States to beef up their surveillance of Muslims worldwide. I think that will the surge of Muslims who on the fringe and want to harm many people, including Americans, that they need to be more closely watched.

  • I am going with yes on this one!

    Yes and I only say this because of the radicalized Muslims. I think it would be important to take better measures in monitoring Muslims in our country. Too many terror crimes and crimes against humanity are by individuals in Muslim groups. Today we cant afford not too unless we put a price on American lives.

  • Surveillance of Muslims is against American Rights.

    Imagined if you were Monitored by the federal agencys where ever you go and are? Muslim have been our main enimies in war situations but that doesn't meen the innocent civilans living in the USA are enimies. The US is the land of the free and the home in the brave. Sandy hook wasnt by a muslims doing and so wasnt the movie theatre in Colorado. The white man, black or spanish man wont be called a terrorist but those were terrorist attacks. The point I am making is discrimination of US civilans of any race because of the terrorist profile show is wrong. Everyone isnt crazy and people should be treated fairly. You wouldnt want someone treating you unfairly. Surveillance in my mind is against any americans rights!

  • That's a violation of their rights!

    Beefing up surveillance of Muslims in the United States would be absolutely wrong. Being suspicious of an entire community of people because of the actions of certain people will lead to more tensions and a general distrust of Muslim people of the American government. Profiling is not the answer to ending terrorism, blaming the entire populous of an entire ethic or religious would not only be bad press for the United States, but would lead to an entire PR crisis throughout the world not to mention that retaliation would ensue, religious profiling is not the answer.

  • Thats Religious Profiling!!!

    Should We Watch all Russians In case they are secret soviet spies? Should we watch all hispanic people and question their citizenship? No. Just because some terrorist groups may be muslim, we shouldn't hiten our security?? I mean We have these radical groups with every race and religion. For example, the two radical and most hated christian groups in america:
    The KKK, and The Westboro Baptist Church.


    They have rights ya know. They are humans! And can you really guarantee me or give me good reliable prof that all muslems are radcalzed? Not only is this a total violation of their rights, but its inhuman to thing only a Cretan amount of people will become terrorists. Im not musslm, but if you were being watched for the rest of your life, would you be happy?

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