Does the U.S. need to continue leading the world?

  • Yes, we should!!

    We should be a super power, because it is our only means of protecting our freedom and safety against other countries. If we are not the leader in technology, warfare, educations, these things can be used against us by other countries. It helps for a healthy economy for our country for us to lead the world.

  • we are no longer the world's leader

    we were number one in the world for a long time. yes we were back to back world war champions but with an increasing debt and a dependency on foreign products we no longer have to ability to lead. we cannot lead without being the best. the world will be hopless if it is lead by us for we stuggle to accomplish our own problems.

  • No the U.S. doesn't need to continue leading the world

    We can hardly lead ourselves, so how can we be expected to seriously be leading others? It's a joke. We need to look at our own country first before trying to find fault in others, cause our way of life isn't working. So no we don't need to continue leading the world, leading ourselves will suffice.

  • No the US doesn't need to continue leading the world.

    I think the United States role as a world leader is quite poor. All we do is make things worse when we get involved in the business of other nations, where we don't even belong in the first place. The current war, which we've been engaged in for over a decade now is an example of that.

    Not only that, we expand our culture elsewhere it ends up hurting the culture that was there before. The Asian culture was much healthier before the western diet was introduced to them, and since it has been they've seen some of the same health issues we see here.

    If anything I think we need to try to stop policing everyone else, and focus on our own problems, because we got plenty of them to deal with, let alone dealing with anyone elses'. If we wanna lead, we ought to lead by example instead of force.

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