Does the U.S. need to do more about suicide in the military?

  • Yes

    The U.S. needs to do so much more to deal with this issue. It is absolutely heartbreaking to learn that so many of our service men and women resort to taking their own lives. The government needs to do more to offer health and psychological services to people that have served in the military.

  • The U.S. Owes It To The Soldiers

    The U.S. government owes it to take care of the soldiers when they come back home from war. They know what the soldiers go through, so they need to provide services and care to those that need it. The military should also consider what they are doing that drives the soldiers to suicide. Perhaps they need to rethink their war strategies.

  • Yes.

    I think that the government should take care of its soldiers when they come back to the U.S. from active duty. War is hell, and it is tragic but unsurprising that some members of the armed forces take their own lives because they are unable to cope with the changes they have undergone.

  • Yes, I believe that suicide in the military is a problem.

    The military is a strenuous process and those that are going through it, especially basic training, should be closely monitored. If there is a pre-existing mental condition, the process could exacerbate the condition and someone who is mentally compromised already could be at a greater risk. I think that counseling, especially while in basic training, could prevent this sort of tragedy.

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