Does the U.S. need to do more about what's going on in Syria?

  • Yes, it is the duty of a nation of America´s calibre

    US claims to promote freedom and defent the population against injustice from their government. This is not about what Syria has ever done for US but a question of whether US only intervenes in countrys which has oil or is a terror-threat to America in spite of all their big words conserning freedom and justice for everybody. Do I have to repeat hopeless arguments for intervening in Iraq... Here is a chance to make it right - if they tackle the situation right!

  • Yes the U.S. should know more about what happens in Syria

    I think that the U.S. needs to know what is happening inside Syria to prevent any future terror attacks. I think that Syria is harboring future terrorists who want to cause harm to United States citizens, and for that point officials in the White House should be more aware of what is happening in Syria.

  • We should worry about our own country before we worry about theirs

    The government shutdown is a very big thing. The US is running out of money and if a world war 111 is going to start, how are we going to get our supplies and pay? We all need to think about these things. There was another Muslim country that millions and millions of people were dying, but Obama didn't do anything about that so why should we do anything for Syria?

  • We have no dog in this fight

    Absolutely not! We have no dog in this fight. It is evil against evil, both are enemies of the US! One side is another middle east brutal dictator and trouble make in the ME. On the other side fanatical Muslims. We never should have been involved in Libya. We spent millions, risked lives of our military and lost 4 Americans with the attack on our Embassy shack put up there, by the Obama administration!

  • Absolutely No More Resources!

    No, the U.S. Does not need to do more in Syria. Our country has already been bogged down in both Iraq and Afghanistan and so we do not need to commit any additional resources to a Middle East country. I believe our government, including both leaders from both political parties, are obsessed with trying to manipulate the results in foreign countries. But just as any teacher or parent will tell you, sometimes its just best to let the children "duke it out" and let an organic solution arise instead of intervening and attempting to prop up an illegitimate pro-Western puppet.

  • No who cares

    Who cares about what is happening in Syria,they ain't got nothing to do with us. What has Syria ever done to us or for us?It's nothing but a civil war and we need to let them deal with it.We have to take care of our own people before we worry about other countries.

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