• U.S. Should Start Taking After France - Reduce Food Waste Through Donation

    The United States has increasing poverty rates with families that cannot afford to put food on the table night after night, yet we are one of the leading countries in food waste. Through our current policies on food handling, millions of restaurants, grocery stores, and schools are forced to throw away unopened, untouched, and non-spoiled foods every day. This has to change. We need to change the laws when it comes to leftover food and mandate that these institutions and businesses donate leftover food to those who really need it.

  • Food Greed is Inhumane

    We have a surplus of food every year. Why don't we send it to people that actually need it instead of just throwing it away. The world has enough food on this planet to feed everyone adequately but somehow we find ourselves severely unevenly distributed. Reducing food waste reduces greed. We need to change how people think about food.

  • Wasting food is wrong

    The US should absolutely work on ways to reduce food waste. If less food is wasted, then more people can be fed. So many people go to bed hungry or do not get nutritious meals that it's a disgrace. If food waste is reduced, then people who don't have enough may get a more equitable share of food.

  • U.S. needs to reduce food waste

    The United States needs to find ways to reduce the amount of food that is wasted. According to studies, up to 40% of the food produced in the United States. This is a waste of a valuable and precious resource. Reducing this waste can be used to feed the hungry both domestically and internationally.

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